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29 Apr 2020
16:05:24@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostand i've never had that problem
16:05:42@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostso i do feel like its the windows doing something controlling
16:06:00@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostat least linux sees the drive and you can view and use things from the drive by defualt
16:07:26@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardthis sucks
16:07:32@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi need to check out windows settings
16:07:48@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardbut I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly in preparation for installing manjaro the first time
16:08:05@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardeven before that i think. when i installed ubuntu.
16:09:17@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostthe drive wasnt locked in ubuntu?
16:09:31@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizarddidn't have it back then
16:09:45@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizardi just mean to say that i changed all the windows settings like fastboot ages ago
16:11:18@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostheres something to try real quick
16:11:28@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghosti want to see what error it will give in this case
16:11:44@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostif you open a terminal, and then sign in as root by just typing 'su'
16:11:52@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostpress enter and type the root password
16:12:58@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostthen change to that drive by typing 'cd /run/media/myname/Files/'
16:15:32@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostthen try to create a new file there with this command 'nano newfile'
16:16:00@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostthat opens a terminal text editor, so just type something in that file and press CTRL+X
16:17:32@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostit will ask you if you want to save the file and just press 'Y'
16:17:33@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostif that all works then you can actually save files to that drive
16:34:53@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff Wizard
Error writing newfile: Read-only file system
16:42:40@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostyea that is crazy since if you're root
16:42:45@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostyou should be able to do anything
16:44:54@Ruff_Wizard:matrix.orgRuff WizardI'll boot into windows and see what I can find there
16:46:39@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostwell you dont have to do anything special
16:46:49@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostjust while your in windows, unmount that drive
16:47:19@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghostand then use the normal shutdown for windows, if you use sleep/hibernate or something thats what will lock the drive up
5 May 2020
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9 May 2020
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16 May 2020
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23 May 2020
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