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15 Apr 2021
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * How does one embed a [url="https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/efax-gtk#comment-802003"]hyperlink[/url] within a comment?07:58:58
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * How does one embed a hyperlink within a comment?07:59:23
@zero-ghost:matrix.orgZero-ghoston the AUR comments? no idea08:21:43
@oneno:matrix.orgonenoRedacted or Malformed Event08:22:11
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added Linkcomment to AUR 08:35:02
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added Linkcomment to AUR 08:35:43
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added [comment]](https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/efax-gtk#comment-802003) to AUR 08:41:13
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added comment to AUR 08:41:24
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added comment to AUR 08:41:34
@oneno:matrix.orgonenoRedacted or Malformed Event08:45:32
@oneno:matrix.orgoneno * Added comment to AUR 08:54:39
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on the AUR comments? no idea
See Markdown
In reply to @oneno:matrix.org
When I click on a link in element, it goes to firefox (the default browser) even though other browsers are installed (brave, gnome Web). Don't have flatpak installed.
The solution was to set Chromium as default and then set Firefox as default again.
@kyle:kylrth.comkyleIs it just me or is the support for plug-and-play monitors objectively terrible? Every time I plug in a monitor or two I have to go into the Display settings, check and uncheck "Mirror displays", and then go into Advanced and find the profile I was using before.12:19:27
@triptykon:matrix.orgSankaraPlugging in a tv once a week to laptop is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes had to mirror then unmirror to make it work. Three permanent screens on desktop has zero issues once initial setup done. 12:38:10
@kyle:kylrth.comkyleYeah, permanent screens is fine but with a laptop switching between setups is really annoying12:38:48
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16 Apr 2021
@kyle:kylrth.comkyleIs there a way for Xfce to switch me to the workspace that had the Firefox browser when click a link in another application, rather than pulling my Firefox window into the current workspace?23:50:49
17 Apr 2021
@triptykon:matrix.orgSankaraAt this point I shamefully say...'i don't use workspaces ever' Sorry. No idea. 00:04:09
@kyle:kylrth.comkyle:) no worries00:05:35
18 Apr 2021
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22 Apr 2021
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24 Apr 2021
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7 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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