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28 Nov 2022
@_discord_475188128580108299:t2bot.iotobid Any solution to this? Whenever I remove the files they keep on re-appearing 😦 08:11:54
@_discord_475188128580108299:t2bot.iotobid All installations use the latest logseq, have been synced (via logseq sync) and re-indexed (many times). 08:12:46
@_discord_556128324842160128:t2bot.ioraindev Hey 👋 Is it possible to create a multi-block template (e.g. for the journal pages)? 08:27:36
@_discord_762940350154145802:t2bot.iolazychimp_ joined the room.08:31:42
@_discord_762940350154145802:t2bot.iolazychimp_Redacted or Malformed Event08:31:44
@_discord_556128324842160128:t2bot.ioraindev Multi-block tempates 09:13:05
@natrius:matrix.orgnatrius Isn't it possible to create a template and then use ignore-parent:: true or something like that? 11:51:27
@natrius:matrix.orgnatriusMaybe search the docs for something like that11:51:36
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@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:12:37
@_discord_580938085714624517:t2bot.iohkgnp#1304 Wdym? Any example? 12:24:45
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:26:00
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:26:28
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:27:20
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:29:30
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:33:16
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:36:44
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event12:42:15
@_discord_580938085714624517:t2bot.iohkgnp#1304 To link, have to use the square brackets [[]] 12:58:46
@_discord_580938085714624517:t2bot.iohkgnp#1304 So in the journal pages, can make these links in the journal pages 12:59:15
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@_discord_689192110439923822:t2bot.ioumutcan hello frens, how to sync in Logseq for Mac and iPhone? #help 13:03:06
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event13:09:07
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event13:09:36
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashpRedacted or Malformed Event13:10:30
@_discord_580938085714624517:t2bot.iohkgnp#1304 Have to sign up to Logseq Sync 13:12:41
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashp you can do it manually using some third party syncing service - but its not real time, and at best you can save your data to be retrieved later - Using Logseq Sync which is a premium service you can work real time in multiple devices I suppose 13:16:29
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashp Look into syncing with iCloud if you really dont want to pay the developers for food and survival 😛 13:19:02
@_discord_881145896656580709:t2bot.iodanzu Please be aware that replication with icloud has some reliability issues. 13:40:45
@_discord_329160142861893652:t2bot.ioakashp is it possible to change the assets folder's location offsite - outside the vault folder ? 15:10:25

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