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17 May 2019
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18 May 2019
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19 May 2019
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6 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019
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10 Jun 2019
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11 Jun 2019
05:27:55@Lucifer:matrix.orgLucifer Watch "THIS is a DUCK... and it could save your life - Call For Code" on YouTube
14 Jun 2019
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16 Jun 2019
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20 Jun 2019
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11 Jul 2019
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14 Jul 2019
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18 Jul 2019
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02:19:58@prashere:matrix.orgprashere Project owl seems to be integrated tightly with IBM and it's ecosystem. Licence is unclear (permissive or non-permissive) repo isn't public.
02:21:21@prashere:matrix.orgprashereI would be happy to contribute and propogate disaster.radio instead which is community driven, gpl licenced, no tightly coupled integerations, etc.
02:22:45@prashere:matrix.orgprashereInfact me and ganesh bought a pair of Lora radio chips last year to experiment with disaster radio, but we have put it on hold for no reason. Need to resume.
23 Jul 2019
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25 Jul 2019
13:42:24@prashere:matrix.orgprashere Late Pieter Hintjens on the need for grassroot community networks
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4 Aug 2019
15:19:12@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org invited @yan:yetanothernerd.xyzYan Minari [c].
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7 Aug 2019
13:38:50@yangm97:matrix.org@yangm97:matrix.org changed their display name from Yan Minari 🚁 to Yan Minari 🚁 (Old).
8 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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