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18 Nov 2019
23:32:19@david:matrix.allmende.iodavid joined the room.
19 Nov 2019
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20 Nov 2019
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24 Nov 2019
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26 Nov 2019
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28 Nov 2019
04:50:15@prashere:matrix.orgprashere https://osmocom.org/news/120
21:53:51@juergen:matrix.kiwifarms.netjuergen joined the room.
30 Nov 2019
05:45:19@srkrishna:matrix.orgsrkrishna changed their profile picture.
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2 Dec 2019
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16 Dec 2019
17 Dec 2019
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18 Dec 2019
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11:45:16@prashere:matrix.orgprashere https://diasp.in/people/d6c59130dc920133b9c9001a4acf2b98
31 Dec 2019
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10 Jan 2020
17:28:26@ismael:hispagatos.org@ismael:hispagatos.org left the room.
11 Jan 2020
06:03:54@greg:tomesh.netgreg joined the room.
20 Jan 2020
12:12:38@crsio:matrix.orgcrsio invited @kathir:matrix.orgkathir.
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24 Jan 2020
27 Jan 2020
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2 Feb 2020
5 Feb 2020
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6 Feb 2020
11:29:30@prashere:matrix.orgprashere https://fosstodon.org/@manyver_se/103606240171902132
7 Feb 2020
06:07:05@prashere:matrix.orgprashereA good tutorial on reverse engineering router firmware using binwalk https://embeddedbits.org/reverse-engineering-router-firmware-with-binwalk/
12 Feb 2020
16:09:29@charlie:tomesh.netcharlie I got invited to work with blind people near Gauhati. I know it's far, but maybe we can actually meet up while I'm over there. I'll keep in touch as I have more details
20 Feb 2020
21:00:41@charlie:tomesh.netcharlie@room I finally got an email from librerouter. They cost $165 each plus shipping from China (whenever that happens again)
10 Mar 2020
08:03:59@prashere:matrix.orgprashereA new update on Manyverse with good progress and more control over the data and storage! https://www.manyver.se/blog/2020-03-update

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