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22 May 2020
25 May 2020
@kokopppi:matrix.org@kokopppi:matrix.org left the room.10:00:45
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their display name from jtlynn to BigDaddy.22:21:45
26 May 2020
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy removed their display name BigDaddy.20:11:22
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy set their display name to Jt.20:11:24
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their profile picture.20:12:44
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their display name from Jt to Bigdaddy.20:13:51
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their display name from Bigdaddy to BigDaddy.20:14:03
27 May 2020
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddywho wants to see my girlfriend16:07:16
Als Antwort auf@jtlynn:matrix.org
who wants to see my girlfriend
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@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikThanks. 16:13:38
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddyshe's not the best looking girl but she is in my eyes16:13:46
In reply to @sternenmusik:matrix.org
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikShe does look good. 16:14:14
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikHow old? 16:14:47
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusikGood,... you? 🙂16:15:42
29 May 2020
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their display name from BigDaddy to My Lone Wolf Lifestyle.16:36:17
@jtlynn:matrix.orgBigDaddy changed their display name from My Lone Wolf Lifestyle to BigDaddy.18:42:59
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30 May 2020
@male30:matrix.orgmale30 left the room.18:41:30
10 Jun 2020
@sternenmusik:matrix.orgsternenmusik left the room.03:28:32
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgnfrealmusic set a profile picture.16:55:04
11 Jun 2020
@kingxanon:matrix.orgkingxanon set a profile picture.04:45:43
21 Jun 2020
@nfrealmusic:matrix.orgnfrealmusic left the room.22:43:17
25 Jun 2020
@hard4titpuss69:matrix.orghard4titpuss69 left the room.17:03:13
1 Jul 2020
@tobi05:matrix.orgto left the room.08:29:53

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