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18 Oct 2018
12:08:58@gitter_procdaddy11:matrix.orgprocdaddy11 (Gitter)Hmmm, it definately fixed my issue.
12:11:38@gitter_jurgenhaas:matrix.orgJürgen Haas (Gitter) That's why I had mentioned in the issue on Github that I thought it's two different issues, but the developers thought differently.
20 Oct 2018
17:00:50@gitter_r13n:matrix.org@gitter_r13n:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
17:01:57@gitter_r13n:matrix.org@gitter_r13n:matrix.org left the room.
25 Oct 2018
07:45:01@gitter_jurgenhaas:matrix.orgJürgen Haas (Gitter) @saenzramiro did you see that my backup issue is still not solved? Not sure if I should add anything else to any of the GitHub issues. PLease advise.
09:00:54@gitter_bonno:matrix.orgBonno (Gitter) joined the room.
09:00:54@gitter_bonno:matrix.orgBonno (Gitter) I can confirm the problems @jurgenhaas has reported. Backing up the settings results in the message as posted in the screenshot.
1 Nov 2018
18:14:59@gitter_arturso:matrix.orgArturs (Gitter) joined the room.
18:15:00@gitter_arturso:matrix.orgArturs (Gitter) @matrixbot @saenzramiro could my account and it's data please be deleted - I left you a private message
12 Nov 2018
18:48:07@gitter_arturso:matrix.orgArturs (Gitter)Hello?
19:00:15@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro Hi.
21:29:03@aurel:matrix.org@aurel:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Nov 2018
05:48:52@azata:gazizova.netАзатchanged room power levels.
19 Nov 2018
19:58:35@gitter_procdaddy11:matrix.orgprocdaddy11 (Gitter)How can I request an app to be added to chocolatey?
20 Nov 2018
18:35:53@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro We will investigate and see if we can add Rambox CE and Pro to Chocolatey.
2 Dec 2018
03:34:48@gitter_linuxnation_twitter:matrix.orgBluzeo🇺🇸 (Gitter)ok linux version of pro ce is stuck at login... my work computer worke fine
06:40:39@blakec:matrix.orgblakec joined the room.
4 Dec 2018
15:07:58@gitter_wasimxe:matrix.orgWasim A. (Gitter) https://stackoverflow.com/q/53612092/612987
8 Dec 2018
02:53:40@blakec:matrix.orgblakec set a profile picture.
9 Dec 2018
01:36:13@gitter_linuxnation_twitter:matrix.orgBluzeo🇺🇸 (Gitter)could we get kik for rambox?
03:56:58@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 does kik have a webinterface?
10 Dec 2018
19:19:34@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro 8CMV16CR No, they don't.
19:29:27@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 thought so, was kind of a rhetorical question 😉
19:47:23@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro 😛
12 Dec 2018
07:03:25@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien joined the room.
07:03:25@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien Hello, since 0.6.3 we lost Gmail number of unreads in tabs.
10:07:30@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 lol i like the festive logo 7UV3985T;D
14:03:52@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro 😉
14:04:55@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 too bad it's not in the taskbar icon though 😉
14:05:18@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro Hehehe

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