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9 Aug 2019
11:55:49@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 since there's no "custom js" (or, actually, plugin-system) for rambox itself I don#t think it's possible at the time. but i'm sure appending the services name to the title is something that could be added as a feature
12:07:56@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) is there a public issue tracker for rambox pro ? I know there is the https://github.com/ramboxapp/download repository but issue tracker is not activated on it unfortunately :(
12:08:12@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... pro ? I know ... => ... pro where I may submit such issue ? I know ...
12:10:25@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 I generally just 7UV3985T but I'm not sure he'd like it if everyone starts doing it 😄
12:25:07@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien as a paid customer, you can leave a ticket
12:25:15@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien it's surely the best way
15:05:03@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter)not a paid customer (yet), evaluating the Pro version for 10 days now :-)
15:12:18@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) OK, just found the support section, will raise a ticket thanks @sebastien for pointing out
15 Aug 2019
15:11:18@gitter_maxandersen:matrix.orgMax Rydahl Andersen (Gitter) joined the room.
15:11:26@gitter_maxandersen:matrix.orgMax Rydahl Andersen (Gitter)Is there an api available to mark one offline via a rest api or even a cli command ? would like to toggle my availability on/off when my meeting or focused work starts.
15:54:19@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro No, we don't have an API. Which services do you want to mark you offline?
24 Aug 2019
16:11:31@bantacofca4:matrix.orgbantacofca4 joined the room.
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2 Sep 2019
19:38:01@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche joined the room.
4 Sep 2019
17:20:44@predicativa:predicativa.nohost.meSpathoche left the room.
5 Sep 2019
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7 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
19:31:30@murz:ru-matrix.orgAlexey Murz Korepov joined the room.
4 Oct 2019
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14 Oct 2019
05:55:01@jamienicol:matrix.orgJamie Nicol joined the room.
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19 Oct 2019
07:58:31@firerays:matrix.orgfirerays joined the room.
22 Oct 2019
16:50:50@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter) joined the room.
16:50:53@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter)how this Start automatically on system startup works?
16:50:53@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter) changed their display name from gitter_vishallight to vishallight (Gitter).
16:51:24@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter) set a profile picture.
16:51:33@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter) @rambox
16:51:35@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
16:51:40@gitter_vishallight:matrix.orgvishallight (Gitter)how this Start automatically on system startup works?
27 Oct 2019
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