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31 Jul 2019
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7 Aug 2019
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9 Aug 2019
10:10:10@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) joined the room.
10:10:10@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter)

very annoying bug on RamboxPro 1.1.6 concerning Slack scrolling when the "Thread" view is opened (scroll sticked to top instead of the bottom ... needing to scroll down manually to the bottom of the chat screen everytime we come back to Rambox Slack tab)

I saw that something an item was related to this in the v1.1.6 release note, wondering it there wasn't a regression here

10:12:01@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 that was fixed for me on 1.1.6
11:21:05@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) I tried to quit rambox and restart it in case the update to 1.1.6 kept some stuff in cache, but doesn't seem it is the case as I still have the issue
Note that it only happen if the "thread" pane is opened (on the right) : when I am on "full chat" window, everything works nicely
11:21:35@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... only happen if ... => ... only happens if ...
11:26:12@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... the issue Note ... => ... the issue (I executed `Tools > Clear cache` too) Note ...
11:26:28@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 oh missed the part about the threads, sorry
11:47:48@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter)

Nothing related, but do you know if it would be possible to dynamically append currently selected Service tab name to RamboxPro window title through some JS code injection (not sure if we could have such power in js code API)

I'm using a wonderful time tracking app (TimingApp for Mac) and it can automatically guess some activities based on some application metadata rules (for instance, it can track that I work for project ABC when I browse /Users/fcamblor/projects/projectABC/* file hierarchy in my terminal, just because the terminal has the path in its app title)
I could gather a lot of informations if I was able to identify if I'm on Gmail / Slack X / Slack Y (etc..) in Rambox, and I could easily do this by changing Rambox Pro actual title to Rambox Pro - Slack Y)

11:48:02@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... code API) I'm ... => ... code API) ? I'm ...
11:48:43@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... Slack Y`) => ... Slack Y` when Slack Y tab is the selected one)
11:55:49@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 since there's no "custom js" (or, actually, plugin-system) for rambox itself I don#t think it's possible at the time. but i'm sure appending the services name to the title is something that could be added as a feature
12:07:56@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) is there a public issue tracker for rambox pro ? I know there is the https://github.com/ramboxapp/download repository but issue tracker is not activated on it unfortunately :(
12:08:12@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) (edited) ... pro ? I know ... => ... pro where I may submit such issue ? I know ...
12:10:25@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 I generally just 7UV3985T but I'm not sure he'd like it if everyone starts doing it 😄
12:25:07@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien as a paid customer, you can leave a ticket
12:25:15@_slack_ramboxapp_U8AH0T5SR:matrix.orgsebastien it's surely the best way
15:05:03@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter)not a paid customer (yet), evaluating the Pro version for 10 days now :-)
15:12:18@gitter_fcamblor_twitter:matrix.orgFrédéric Cambloṙ (Gitter) OK, just found the support section, will raise a ticket thanks @sebastien for pointing out
15 Aug 2019
15:11:18@gitter_maxandersen:matrix.orgMax Rydahl Andersen (Gitter) joined the room.
15:11:26@gitter_maxandersen:matrix.orgMax Rydahl Andersen (Gitter)Is there an api available to mark one offline via a rest api or even a cli command ? would like to toggle my availability on/off when my meeting or focused work starts.
15:54:19@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro No, we don't have an API. Which services do you want to mark you offline?
24 Aug 2019
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2 Sep 2019
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4 Sep 2019
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5 Sep 2019
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7 Sep 2019
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12 Sep 2019
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