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2 Dec 2019
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11 Dec 2019
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14 Dec 2019
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15 Dec 2019
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18 Dec 2019
08:50:42@johnwhitlow:matrix.orgjohnwhitlowWhat are the most secure messaging platforms and why?
08:51:46@_slack_ramboxapp_U8CMV16CR:matrix.orgpeter.czyz.1337 "most secure" in which way?
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19 Dec 2019
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21 Dec 2019
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25 Dec 2019
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26 Dec 2019
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30 Dec 2019
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31 Dec 2019
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1 Jan 2020
23:34:57@jeremy:openintents.modular.imjeremy joined the room.
6 Jan 2020
01:00:23@husslr:matrix.orghusslr joined the room.
01:02:17@husslr:matrix.orghusslrAfter updating macOS to 10.14.6 (Security update) Rambox 0.7.3 cannot load the services. Is there a workaround or fix available?
01:03:26@husslr:matrix.orghusslr * After updating macOS to 10.14.6 (Security update) Rambox 0.7.3 cannot load the services. Is there a workaround or fix available?
16:23:59@jueshi:matrix.orgjueshi joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
19:10:54@husslr:matrix.orghusslr It is working again. Seemed to be a transient problem unrelated to macOS update.
21:15:02@_slack_ramboxapp_U7UV3985T:matrix.orgsaenzramiro Awesome!
8 Jan 2020
23:14:25@ronald:riotchat.deronald joined the room.
10 Jan 2020
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24 Jan 2020
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