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22 Mar 2023
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilSomebody suggested a restaurant rating application use case for the fediverse and I told them the same: it's a great idea, as long as ratings are not centralized (and potentially manipulated).14:52:39
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilDefinitely don't trust 1000000 endorsements given by sweatshop child workers or robots living on a far away continent.14:53:34
In reply to @bkil:matrix.org
Could you perhaps share how LinkedIn was drowned exactly? It seems you are a profession user with a deep insight about that social network.
yeah, year ago I thought that linkedin might have a chance because people use real profiles and linked to their jobs so they have an incentive to keep a healthy space. but centralized adtech commercial platforms demonstrated that even that is not enough. on the one hand influencers, corporate spam on the other hand people faking behavior or getting extremely polarised, it ended up a cesspool like all the others. but linkedin has validated the need for a more "professional" social network. we just need to think how this fits in the fediverse. tooting away is fine but linking people through theirs skills and what they can do for each other is where the real impact will be imho

I'm starting to resent still not having translated these notes

  • https://github.com/bkil/freedom-fighters/blob/master/hu/article/social-networking.md
  • https://github.com/bkil/freedom-fighters/blob/master/hu/article/hyperlocal-social-networking.md
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilNote that what you publish on your LinkedIn profile is even in the ideal case not aligning well with what you could do for each other, but it would be great if a social app could be used for that!15:03:26
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilAnd yeah, seeing Coca-Cola advertisements on the side on LinkedIn or Facebook with the smiling face and thumbs up by a colleague (maybe after mining a picture where she is holding one in her hand or just transferring their face through DeepFake) isn't going to cut it.15:04:40
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23 Mar 2023
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24 Mar 2023
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