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13 Oct 2019
06:54:38@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfettChess? I have already too much on my mind to play chess
07:00:23@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminit's Sunday bob, you should be relaxing
07:07:38@bobfett:flobob.ovhbobfettI cannot at the moment
08:30:49@hello:perthchat.org:cat:i need hook ideas for a song
08:31:00@hello:perthchat.org:cat:got a bridge need a hook lets brainstorm
Als antwoord op@hello:perthchat.org
i need hook ideas for a song
I can only provide cheesy leads and fucked up kickdrums
14 Oct 2019
03:09:56@hello:perthchat.org:cat:Alright guys listen up
03:10:03@hello:perthchat.org:cat:That is all
06:32:04@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminokay gang, stay cool, real cool
09:22:16@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminThis is it Perth. I'm leaving forever tonight. So long!
09:37:13@hello:perthchat.org:cat:dont leave forever please
09:43:00@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminbut Perth is so fucking shit
09:43:04@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminI have to leave
09:43:15@hello:perthchat.org:cat:welcome to the city of perth in the summer
09:43:19@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminTake perthchat, my son, and be the best admin you can be
09:43:28@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminit is your destiny
09:43:42@hello:perthchat.org:cat:nah thats your job bro
09:43:50@hello:perthchat.org:cat:i will let it lapse into nothingness
09:49:06@heady:matrix.orgheadyif you aren't claiming that you're going to move to melbourne, then are you really even from perth?
10:17:02@hello:perthchat.org:cat:I dont know how cities work
10:17:15@hello:perthchat.org:cat:Please dont ask me hard questions
In reply to @heady:matrix.org
if you aren't claiming that you're going to move to melbourne, then are you really even from perth?
asking the important questions
10:56:10@hello:perthchat.org:cat:how many lightbulbs does it take to screw in a lightbulb
10:56:40@hello:perthchat.org:cat:could lightbulbs act as binary switches and become sentient
10:57:07@hello:perthchat.org:cat:and then screw in more lightbulbs into itself
11:08:25@paj33t_singh:matrix.orgMonsieur ArcherWe wish you safe travels @PC-Admin:perthchat.org
12:28:10@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminMonsieur Archer: ty

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