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21 Mar 2020
14:52:31@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admini see
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22 Mar 2020
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06:03:39@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminWA border is locked down
07:02:26@heady:matrix.orgheadyinteresting times
07:31:26@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Adminchanged room power levels.
29 Mar 2020
01:28:35@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachern changed their display name from EricGrahamMacEachern to EricGrahamMacEac.
24 Mar 2020
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29 Mar 2020
01:47:09@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachern changed their display name from EricGrahamMacEac to "Eric Graham MacEachern".
01:47:42@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachern changed their display name from "Eric Graham MacEachern" to EricGrahamMacEachern.
01:50:55@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachern changed their display name from EricGrahamMacEachern to Eric Graham MacEachern.
30 Mar 2020
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07:24:37@birdt_:matrix.orgbirdt_ changed their profile picture.
7 Apr 2020
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10 Apr 2020
07:43:38@bobfett:matrix.orgbobfett - alt 🐈️ changed their display name from bobfett (old account) to bobfett (old 🐈️).
07:45:03@bobfett:matrix.orgbobfett - alt 🐈️ changed their display name from bobfett (old 🐈️) to bobfett - old 🐈️.
11 Apr 2020
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12 Apr 2020
19:26:31@EricGrahamMacEachern:matrix.orgEric Graham MacEachern left the room.
17 Apr 2020
00:01:39@barenur:matrix.orgcosmictrip changed their display name from duoboros to cosmictrip.
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18 Apr 2020
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19 Apr 2020
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24 Apr 2020
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3 May 2020
04:16:30@lucifer:perthchat.orgSatan joined the room.
19 May 2020
06:19:25@mesquka:matrix.orgmesquka changed their profile picture.
20 May 2020
10:47:42@bobfett:matrix.orgbobfett - alt 🐈️ changed their display name from bobfett - old 🐈️ to bobfett - alt 🐈️.

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