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25 Sep 2020
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]Something that throws a symbol and isn't checked for, is all I've got. You could hunt the code if you care.14:38:29
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]It's not a generic error, like, "tried to operate on a field but the field doesn't exist", it's an error that was originally manually created in response to a specific situation that was detected14:39:21
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they] For example, a situation might be "this profile is age restricted", which I have to manually detect, throw and handle. 14:40:01
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]Pretty sure age restricted profiles are handled properly, so that's just an example.14:40:25
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathan huh, it loads fine on bibliogram.art 14:41:47
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]Might be weird rate limiting?14:42:19
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathani can load other profiles just fine14:42:34
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanhol up lemme restart14:42:42
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathanworks fine now14:43:49
@jboi:jboi.nlJonathangotta say tho, i love that this exists, makes scraping, viewing, and tracking users' content way easier14:47:09
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]If you want to programatically do things, try instaloader15:03:32
26 Sep 2020
Room Avatar Renderer.11:07:05
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]reuploaded the avatar to resync it to some homeservers11:07:24
@amanda:queersin.spaceAmandayeah mine didn't have it12:23:25
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]Hello everyone. I have spent a while considering how to go about this. I have decided to draft my own code of conduct for Bibliogram, that will apply to this chatroom as well as the mailing lists and ticket trackers on sourcehut. Right now this code is just a draft and has no effect. If you would like to propose changes, or if you would like to propose a different code of conduct be used entirely, please let me know. Please do not suggest that a code of conduct is not needed, or that a code of conduct will inherently make a discussion space worse. The purpose of this is to make it clear what behaviour is acceptable and how moderation actions will be carried out. The draft document (this will always be the latest version, as I can edit it while keeping the same URL): https://demo.codimd.org/s/Bydz1nhHv12:24:18
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they] If this particular document was put into effect now, nothing will fundamentally change. If this particular document existed from when the room was first created, no moderation actions would have been done differently from how they really were. Basically, the current version of the document explains the rules that we were all already following. 12:26:09
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]Redacted or Malformed Event12:34:00
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]

If you'd like to browse some other codes of conduct that I drew inspiration from, here you go:

  • https://libreplanet.org/wiki/LibrePlanet:About/Code_of_Conduct
  • https://www.contributor-covenant.org/version/2/0/code_of_conduct/
  • https://opensourcedesign.net/code-of-conduct/
  • https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/project/code-of-conduct/
@markus:tomesh.netmarkus 14:21:31
27 Sep 2020
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they] changed their display name from cadence to cadence [they].08:52:44
29 Sep 2020
@hook54321:privacytools.iohook54321 set a profile picture.02:26:55
@cadence:cadence.moecadence [they]If there's no comments on this then I'll make it official in around 48 hours from now.13:37:09
@em:queersin.spaceEmelieLooks good!13:53:30
@em:queersin.spaceEmelieFully in support of a CoC btw, in my experience they bring nothing but good.13:54:47
@austin:privacytools.ioAustin Huang https://github.com/ciafwywcoc/ciafwywcoc/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT 15:37:25
@lomanic:matrix.orglomanicAustin Huang: it's basically NCoC with swearing :D16:04:02
@andre:riotchat.deandre 19:49:16
@martin:netzgemeinde.eumartin joined the room.19:49:43

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