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24 Feb 2020
09:13:59@cadence:cadence.moecadenceSucks to be us, I'll be in bed
09:14:15@cadence:cadence.moecadenceUnless... how long are you staying up?
09:26:58@itoma:matrix.orgUnoweWhat time (GMT) will you be available?
09:37:40@cadence:cadence.moecadenceMaybt about 10 PM?
09:39:39@itoma:matrix.orgUnowe Sure that'd be fine with me
09:40:00@itoma:matrix.orgUnowePing me when ready
09:40:08@cadence:cadence.moecadencewait I'm not on +12 what's the actual time
09:40:43@cadence:cadence.moecadenceokay then, maybe about 9 PM, but I won't be truly free until midnight GMT
09:40:55@cadence:cadence.moecadencethe day after though I have the entire day off
09:41:14@perflyst:snopyta.orgperflystUTC solves all your issues :>
09:41:41@cadence:cadence.moecadenceGMT = UTC, so cool
09:42:29@itoma:matrix.orgUnoweYeah I think tomorrow would be more convenient for the both of us
09:43:02@cadence:cadence.moecadenceok so about the 9 PM after the next 9 PM then.
09:43:16@itoma:matrix.orgUnowe I won't be available from 9AM to 3:30PM on weekdays
13:20:20@ahangarha:matrix.orgahangarha joined the room.
19:21:19@cadence:cadence.moecadenceHi! I remember you.
25 Feb 2020
16:21:47@zunaa:snopyta.orgzunaa changed their display name from zunaa to monks.
26 Feb 2020
04:51:56@conzeit:matrix.orgconzeit joined the room.
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14:03:15@zunaa:snopyta.orgzunaa changed their profile picture.
15:24:09@zunaa:snopyta.orgzunaa changed their display name from monks to zunaa.
16:37:02@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhosty I just noticed that the spacing vary in the text, making the buttons move:
21:06:20@cadence:cadence.moecadenceThat's because scroll bars appear and disappear on the right side of the screen and on the right side of the panel depending on how tall the content is. The only thing I could do about this is to make the empty scrollbar always appear even if no scrolling is required.
21:06:54@cadence:cadence.moecadenceOn mobile your finger will always be accurate and on desktop you can press the left/right arrow keys, so I figured that while it wasn't pretty, it at least wasn't an annoyance.
28 Feb 2020
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