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3 Feb 2020
In reply to @cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111
wow I hate markdown
The problem is mainly the Riot implementation honestly
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyI see you like regex, well good job on the new features :)16:53:43
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4 Feb 2020
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3r New Bibliogram feature https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUootD36Xm0 04:13:51
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rokay this was originally a joke but this would actually be really awesome.04:36:04
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New commit to bibliogram:master:

Disallow newlines in hashtag

@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3ryknow what I feel like trying to make a test suite06:47:19
In reply to @cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111
okay this was originally a joke but this would actually be really awesome.
I need that xD
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyThe best thing is that it should be possible honestly13:49:36
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rIt only detects one specific type of manipulation and it's very specific and it uses a lot of CPU but yeah13:49:45
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostySome websites exist ( http://imageedited.com/ / http://fotoforensics.com/ ) but it's all closed source13:51:28
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI just managed to download and test the included example and this project does indeed seem to work13:51:51
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rIdeally you want an nvidia gpu but it also works on cpu13:52:03
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyYeah, might be hard on CPUs13:52:23
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3ron my desktop the most time consuming thing was the face finding algorithm13:52:40
Download image.png
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyWhat CPU?13:57:41
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3r the cheapo $6 guy https://www.vultr.com/products/high-frequency-compute/ 13:58:17
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyOh they don't even mention the speed of the CPU, yeah I guess it's a slow one13:59:05
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI don't think it's that simple when it's virtualised.13:59:20
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rdefinitely need to implement rate limiting before I can set this up.14:01:37
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyWas there any more blocking by instagram since the first one?14:03:55
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI meant rate limiting of access to Bibliogram.14:04:12
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostyyeah yeah i know14:04:21
@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI am currently blocked from user pages number 2, shortly after re-enabling RSS. Even though RSS doesn't request user pages any more.14:04:40
@thefrenchghosty:privacytools.ioTheFrenchGhostybut both are kinda tied together14:04:43

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