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12 Feb 2018
08:26:25@pafcu:matrix.orgStefanIndividual featured are not merged from develop
14 Feb 2018
17:36:29@Wooff:gcchat.caMark Wooff (TBS) changed their display name from Mark Wooff to Mark Wooff (TBS).
19 Feb 2018
14:13:12@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner This is not related to Riot but to accessibility of another matrix client.
I've just discovered Fractal is a nice GTK plus desktop client. It's very accessible out of the box and I've managed to submit a few little tweaks to make it a bit more awesome at least in regard to its accessibility.
14:20:28@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner There is currently one a11y related issue with fractal though. https://gitlab.gnome.org/danigm/fractal/issues/95
22 Feb 2018
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19 Apr 2018
13:39:17@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner removed their profile picture.
25 May 2018
09:53:49@counselor_troi:matrix.orgcounselor_troi joined the room.
12:09:37@counselor_troi:matrix.orgcounselor_troi Hello everybody, I'm blind and I try to use Riot with VoiceOver on iOs. Someone said, that the buttons are unlabeled - thats still there and it would be great, if it could be fixed. another thing is, that the actions are not labeled. When I am on a contact or a room, swiping up or down, VoiceOver sais nothing. But the app is on the best way to get accessible! If you need someone to test the accessibility on iOS, you can ask me. Best wishes!
12:55:42@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner counselor_troi: Yeah I think it's awesome to have someone knowledgeable about IOS voiceover accessibility discussing the matters here as apart of a few bug reports I think we have seen very little feedback in regard to Riot IOS accessibility.
12:59:41@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerI think you might also like to join #riot-ios:matrix.org as no Riot IOS developers are reading this. Or alternativelly also up wote, comment or create issues on github if you can.
2 Oct 2018
12:11:50@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerAfter really long time of inactivity I have managed to prepare another small but usefull pull request for matrix-react-sdk. It exposes more elements as buttons to assistive technologies: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix-react-sdk/pull/2189
15:14:06@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanNice, hope it merges soon! :)
15:15:13@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanI wonder how hard it would be to make scrolling up in a room infinitely add to the list of messages? Seems like it moves both the upper and lower bounds of the message display, making it difficult to catch up on a few days of history in a room via continuous read.
15:15:45@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanBut I imagine that'd change the UI for visual users, so I don't know how to best make that happen.
17:39:53@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner Nolan: Continous read is not working with this approach very well however after Samuel's fixes to Firefox where it correctly scrols into view content focused via accessibility APIs moving by line and even quick nav by heading is working fine to an extent. I am surprised as I have only discovered it recently.
17:42:35@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewhaving an option to never move the lower bound of the message display would be an easy thing to add
18:14:08@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanThat'd be nice. Haven't yet noticed the accessibility focus correctly scrolling things into view--wonder what version of Firefox that's supposed to be in?
18:43:28@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner Nolan: I am not sure which version that has been addressed in but for sure it's already in Firefox 60.
18:44:54@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerOrca's flat review might still be flakey sometimes after this tweak however most of the time synthesising mouse clicks is working. Of course this is X specific and mouse emulation is all broken on wayland.
18:47:19@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter Vágner Matthew: I don't like keeping bottom end of the scroll panel intact. Imagine me not reading Matrix HQ for a few weeks and then coming back. After hitting Jump to first unread button my browser window would get filled with 1K+ lines of scroll back into the past history. That would be really not very awesome experience.
18:47:48@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerOooops I mean 100K+ lines of scroll back history
18:51:07@pvagner:pvagner.tkPeter VágnerPerhaps to improve the current situation we might consider having finite number of events scrolling buttons only visible to screen reader users as an enhancement. E.G. Scroll down a page, scroll up a page, scroll back a day, scroll forward a day. I imagine that might be doable although I don't yet know how exactly I can implement that.
24 Oct 2018
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27 Oct 2018
00:02:44@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanIs it just me, or is keyboard focus badly broken on latest stable Riot web?
00:03:23@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanIf I place focus before or after the message input area--on the Stickers button, for instance--then tab or shift-tab to try to reach the input area, something gnarley happens with my focus.
00:03:45@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanI don't know what it is, but it doesn't seem to land on the message input area.
2 Nov 2018
12:47:38* @matthew:matrix.orgMatthew checks
12:48:36@matthew:matrix.orgMatthewhm, and it's not just tab/shift-tab in the composer moving focus?
20:22:39@travis:t2l.ioTravisRA quick test shows that if I click on a message I have to tab through everyone's read receipts before I even get close to the composer :(
9 Dec 2018
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