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6 Mar 2021
@telegram_1691654875:t2bot.ioJosh McMillanI had signed up to be once upon a time but I am not so sure anymore23:00:05
@telegram_1691654875:t2bot.ioJosh McMillanWhy do you ask?23:00:09
@telegram_1691654875:t2bot.ioJosh McMillanIf you need my liver, sorry it's a little used23:00:28
@lgx:midov.pllgxyou seem like the kind of guy who'd be interesting in being an organ donor post mortem. It's kinda easy to miss it on the form, so was just letting you know haha23:10:02
7 Mar 2021
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj Rao
In reply to @lgx:midov.pl
Some ppl show up like 30 mins late, but if you're timely i'll wait at the spot exactly 730pm
I was on time last, abit too early I'd say. But just a heads up, I'll be 15 mins late this time. Sorry for the last minute change. OcTranspo decided to be untimely on me today.
@lgx:midov.pllgxthx for heads up!00:16:59
@lgx:midov.pllgxyou brought exact?00:21:15
@lgx:midov.pllgx(exact money)00:21:48
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoYup00:39:14
@lgx:midov.pllgxsee u 745, putting on my covid gear00:39:25
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoKewl00:39:37
@lgx:midov.pllgxTell your gf she could join this room too, if she wants01:00:35
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj Rao
In reply to @lgx:midov.pl
Tell your gf she could join this room too, if she wants
She doesn't have telegram unfortunately.
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj Rao Also, here's my email as discussed (telzetech@gmail.com) 01:06:05
@lgx:midov.pllgxSaved it01:06:56
@lgx:midov.pllgxyou can delete your msg now if you want fewer ppl to see it01:07:25
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoThanks!01:07:43
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoAlso my girl is primarily active in Line. I can barely get her to be active anywhere else lol01:08:26
@lgx:midov.pllgxI've heard of line! What's her fav kpop group?01:08:49
  • do you listen to kpop?
@lgx:midov.pllgx +, do you listen to kpop?** 01:11:42
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj Rao
In reply to @lgx:midov.pl
+, do you listen to kpop?**
Sorry, was having dinner there. We listen to anything and everything really but not a super Fan of Kpop though.
@lgx:midov.pllgxsent resume!02:31:30
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj Rao
In reply to @lgx:midov.pl
sent resume!
Got it!
@lgx:midov.pllgx Shurraj Rao: who are the main line users? Like telegram seems like arab/asian whatsapp, element is FOSS/privacy ppl. 10:40:19
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoLine seems to be widely adopted in Taiwan and integrated as well. I'm not too sure about Koreans because the ones I know seem to use Kakao more.12:26:44
@lgx:midov.pllgxhave not heard about kakao21:38:18
@telegram_1271131116:t2bot.ioShurraj RaoKakao talk21:39:40
8 Mar 2021
@_discord_816157244549759007:t2bot.ioStinkoMahn joined the room.01:39:36

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