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Talk about anything. Canada general chat. Use this, https://lemmy.ca/c/ottawa, instead of reddit!! Rules: 1. Don't be mean (Ex slurs), the matrix mods are strict compared to the discord mods. 2. SFW. Does anyone want to partner up other services? Or host a better bridge? Want to have your ig in the description? Have a signal/etc ottawa group? Contact me. FAQ: https://bin.privacytools.io/?2f64b5b1add7f749#J1VwZQHb312WbbriTCCFxNa7jQiQef7GFqfbbqnQwmLZ Tags: Ontario, Français, Quebec, Québec, Outaouais, Gatineau, Canada16 Servers

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17 Jun 2021
@catpowerdog:matrix.orgcatpowerdog changed their profile picture.07:50:37
@todd:treadst.oneTodd set a profile picture.14:30:34
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13Word. I will drop the motherfuckers soon. I was imitating how the brits say tunes15:49:57
@tim:pickles.cloudTimgive us all the chunes15:50:42
@_discord_386963230138040333:t2bot.ioCrorem#4023 changed their display name from Noximus#4023 to Crorem#4023.15:55:54
@_discord_386963230138040333:t2bot.ioCrorem#4023 changed their profile picture.15:56:01
18 Jun 2021
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13Download tame 03:07:15
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13Download kinky03:12:45
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13I know i promised hours ago but i don't get notified. Sorry they are here now tho so check em out03:14:14
@telegram_1822733171:t2bot.ioPerez's Gustavo joined the room.08:01:10
@telegram_1822733171:t2bot.ioPerez's Gustavo617508:01:24
@catpowerdog:matrix.orgcatpowerdog So are you making these oddlives13 09:20:54
@catpowerdog:matrix.orgcatpowerdogWhat do you use to make them if so?09:21:09
@_discord_773353826115518526:t2bot.ioBrinkleyDiscord#3990 changed their profile picture.14:50:19
19 Jun 2021
@daniel:superposition.caDan joined the room.00:22:32
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13 catpowerdog: yup made em myself . A midi controller and garageband 07:55:16
@catpowerdog:matrix.orgcatpowerdogNice, keep it up!07:55:30
@catpowerdog:matrix.orgcatpowerdogI really like LMMS if you ever get the chance to check it out.07:55:51
@oddlives13:matrix.orgoddlives13Thanks dude! I am willing to try out a new daws so thanks for the link glad you liked em08:00:00
20 Jun 2021
@_discord_525771419397783625:t2bot.ioCurator#2866 changed their display name from 👑TheFlyingCurator👑#2866 to Curator#2866.03:10:44
@_discord_525771419397783625:t2bot.ioCurator#2866 changed their profile picture.03:10:45
@_discord_698007586775236689:t2bot.ioRealstate Insurance#2149 changed their display name from Anti Jake to Realstate Insurance#2149.03:33:59
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@telegram_1822733171:t2bot.ioPerez's GustavoRedacted or Malformed Event10:29:21
@telegram_1822733171:t2bot.ioPerez's Gustavo set a profile picture.10:29:22
@oguz:selam.oguz.caoguz banned @telegram_1822733171:t2bot.ioPerez's Gustavo ().10:46:11
21 Jun 2021
@michael112:matrix.orgHelen Morgan joined the room.00:01:45
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