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27 Jun 2022
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@jlj:asra.grjlj___ [XR HB Admin]Free ebook (for a limited time): https://www.versobooks.com/books/4140-we-organize-to-change-everything14:23:46
@_discord_485766197611200545:t2bot.ioManu (Vegan)#6729 This cambridge xr feed 17:30:06
@_discord_485766197611200545:t2bot.ioManu (Vegan)#6729 This server's 17:34:47
@_discord_485766197611200545:t2bot.ioManu (Vegan)#6729 Another 43? "@GretaThunberg @glastonbury Hey Greta please give the 43 ordinary people sent to prison for climate action in the UK some recognition - @juststopoil @insulatelove @ExtinctionR" 17:38:06
28 Jun 2022
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@jlj:nfld.ukjlj [XR Harmful Behaviours]https://psci.princeton.edu/tips/2020/7/20/the-impact-of-fast-fashion-on-the-environment > The fashion industry is currently [2020] responsible for more annual carbon emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. If the industry maintains its course, an increase of 50% in greenhouse gas emissions is expected within a decade... I can't keep track15:59:55
@_discord_218393068271828993:t2bot.ioThe Fluffy Llama#8588 Falk you might like this action
There's english subtitles
@_discord_218393068271828993:t2bot.ioThe Fluffy Llama#8588 * Falk you might like this action
There's english subtitles
@_discord_113393635575296000:t2bot.ioFalk Lama amazing will check out later 20:01:24
29 Jun 2022
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@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benway 07:53:20
@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benwayHi all, new guy here, nice to meet you all! 07:57:46
@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benwayDoes anyone here have experience with biogas generation? 07:58:11
@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benwayI've been designing some small-scale biogas generators, but have been having trouble getting a reliable yield of gas08:00:35
@_discord_485766197611200545:t2bot.ioManu (Vegan)#6729 See homebiogas2.0 to compare. It yields enough to cook every day (which is irrelevant for a raw vegan though hehe) 08:37:39
@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benwayThanks Manu, I'll check it out! Also a vegan here, but the digester I've built is actually installed in remote Africa and using cow manure as an inoculant and secondary fuel, with plant waste being the primary source of energy.09:27:57
@_discord_337606063056486401:t2bot.ioactual acorn When Henry Ford invented the automobile he imagined th at it would run on biogas that people made themselves. 09:39:28
@_discord_113393635575296000:t2bot.ioFalk the fellowship of the vegans!!!!! 09:49:22
@dr_benway:activism.internationaldr_benwayHow do you know when someone is a vegan? Don't worry, we'll tell you ;)09:56:37
@_discord_113393635575296000:t2bot.ioFalk Amazing 10:16:23
@_discord_113393635575296000:t2bot.ioFalk On the discord benway we have also multiple channels and a vegan role! 10:16:41
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