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Talk about anything. #canada:librem.one is the biggest general purpose Canada room If you can help promote this room (putting up posters, changing your wifi name) to help bring people to matrix, which is more privacy/foss/decentralized then most alternatives, contact me. Rules: 1. Don't be mean (Ex slurs) 2. SFW. FAQ: https://paste.systemli.org/?4b9b44e98eba4a75#GUJfGfeg5WcsXwJW66tXVU7CMCvXmn4YcfzxticU75Xa17 Servers

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1 Sep 2021
@tim:pickles.cloudTimI do run that, its mostly for my own personal stuff though13:00:16
@tim:pickles.cloudTimIt looks like it did sync up the messages once I got things up and running again13:00:42
@_discord_386963230138040333:t2bot.io@_discord_386963230138040333:t2bot.io changed their display name from Noximus#4023 to Vorex#4023.15:01:20
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3 Sep 2021
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5 Sep 2021
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8 Sep 2021
@jlj:nfld.ukjljWhat's the address of the Telegram group, btw?10:01:23
@_discord_773353826115518526:t2bot.io@_discord_773353826115518526:t2bot.io changed their profile picture.14:47:13
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@tim:pickles.cloudTim!tg help15:11:04
@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

This is a portal room: you must always prefix commands with !tg. Management commands will not be bridged.


cancel - Cancel an ongoing action.
version - Get the bridge version.
help - Show this help message.


ping - Check if you're logged into Telegram.
ping-bot - Get the info of the message relay Telegram bot.

Creating portals

bridge [id] - Bridge the current Matrix room to the Telegram chat with the given ID. The ID must be the prefixed version that you get with the /id command of the Telegram-side bot.

Portal management

config <help|subcommand> [...] - View or change per-portal settings.
delete-portal - Remove all users from the current portal room and forget the portal. Only works for group chats; to delete a private chat portal, simply leave the room.
unbridge - Remove puppets from the current portal room and forget the portal.


sync-state - Fetch Matrix room state to ensure the bridge has up-to-date info.
id - Get the ID of the Telegram chat where this room is bridged.
caption <caption> - Set a caption for the next image you send

@tim:pickles.cloudTim!tg config15:11:46
@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

Usage: !tg config <subcommand> [...]. Subcommands:

  • help - View this help text.
  • view - View the current config data.
  • defaults - View the default config values.
  • set <key> <value> - Set a config value.
  • unset <key> - Remove a config value.
  • add <key> <value> - Add a value to an array.
  • del <key> <value> - Remove a value from an array.
@tim:pickles.cloudTim!tg config view15:11:56
@telegram:t2bot.ioTelegram Bridge

Room-specific config:


@tim:pickles.cloudTim I dont know if you saw those messages from the bridge but I have no idea jlj 15:12:22
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj Yeah... Well, thanks for trying, Tim 15:30:37
@rin:catgirl.gayRintendo left the room.15:33:29
@tim:pickles.cloudTimno worries, not sure who set that up initially 15:34:02
@jlj:nfld.ukjlj Guessing sp1cl3r 15:35:35
@jlj:nfld.ukjljHe's the one that told me about t2bot.io initially, when I was looking to bridge my rooms. :-)15:36:06
12 Sep 2021
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13 Sep 2021
@tim:pickles.cloudTim Im not familiar with the t2bot and dont use telegram at all so maybe sp1cl3r will be able to take a look, I can help with bridging Slack, discord or imessage to synapse though 13:04:13
@tim:pickles.cloudTimImessage will need a mac os system to act as the bot13:05:07
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