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11 Dec 2023
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12 Dec 2023
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14 Dec 2023
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18 Dec 2023
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sent an image.
so beautiful
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19 Dec 2023
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@tandy1000:matrix.org@tandy1000:matrix.orgsomeone showed off some battery circuitry in here before right?11:55:34
@_discord_389139743381782530:t2bot.iopositionhigh Not that I know of. I would go with something premade for this purpose anyway and you must be aware of what you are doing. Battery cells can be dangerous, that's why we exclude this topic from MDT as a DIY project. 12:11:48
@tandy1000:matrix.org@tandy1000:matrix.orgunderstandable, i just need to find a powerbank thats tiny enough to make it comfy16:07:33
27 Dec 2023
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28 Dec 2023
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30 Dec 2023
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1 Jan 2024
Download WhatsApp_Image_2024-01-01_at_20.34.07.jpeg
Download WhatsApp_Image_2024-01-01_at_20.35.09.jpeg
Download WhatsApp_Image_2024-01-01_at_20.35.10.jpeg
@_discord_788312859117223946:t2bot.ioarkimedes2020 I used that type of rotary encoder (also recommended in the BOM). It has the debounginc (RC) network so it generates false events, I connected the power terminals to +3.3V and everything works perfectly. For any new releases of the PCBs, I would recommend adding the +V terminal to the sockets for the rotary encoders rather than modifying them by eliminating the RC networks which, despite the presence of software debouncing, don't do any harm! 19:41:09
@_discord_389139743381782530:t2bot.iopositionhigh It is suggested to use bare encoders, without any attached pcb, at least when you are going to use the default enclosure. Otherwise it will get very tricky to fit in the box. The software debouncing really is working very well.
My electronics knowledge is very basic but i would try to avoid adding a voltage pin to the encoders since the teensy ports are in pullup mode - so the voltage comes from the teensy i/o pins for the encoders.
@_discord_788312859117223946:t2bot.ioarkimedes2020 I understand, in principle it shouldn't be a safety problem to add a +V pin (there are already two, a +5 and a +3.3) on the central connector for the buttons. If the RC networks are not connected to +V they must be eliminated. The Teensy's internal pullup isn't enough; imagine the three inputs (button and the two encoder) connected with the three external pullup resistors that have a common terminal - which should be the one connected to +V; if you leave it floating, when you close the encoder or switch circuit it is as if you connected the other two terminals on which you did not act, to ground through a resistor of value 2R. This creates a divider with the Teensy's internal pullup resistor and you end up with the input at a value (which I haven't measured, but out of curiosity you can do...) which takes it to a value that is sometimes read as 0 and sometimes 1 and for this reason it generates false closures. I know I wasn't clear, a sketch would be much easier 😉 20:09:16
@_discord_389139743381782530:t2bot.iopositionhigh I am sure there are valid reasons that many companies add these resistors. It is just out of my/our scope. My finding about the last 2+ years is that we do not see any issues with "bare" encoders and the value input/user input is very precise so other topics are more interesting/demanding, at least for me :_) But thanks for your explaination - that sounds like it is not supposed to work correctly how it currently is, however i can assure you the encoders work very well. 20:24:16
@_discord_788312859117223946:t2bot.ioarkimedes2020 Encoders without RC network work well, if there is RC network you have to remove it or connect +V, that's all. Moreover, I seem to have read exactly this problem in the troubleshooting and someone suggests, in fact, removing the RC network. 🙃 21:19:54
@_discord_389139743381782530:t2bot.iopositionhigh yes, that is what has worked for us so far every time. And as said, there is a space issue, if you are are going to use the default mdt case. 21:23:54
2 Jan 2024
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11 Jan 2024
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22 Feb 2024
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