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23 Sep 2023
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksXfce is very customizable i'd say11:26:14
@rob:matrix.cupcakerob.nlCupcakeRobRedacted or Malformed Event13:13:11
@rob:matrix.cupcakerob.nlCupcakeRobAgree 13:13:15
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksAlso i may switch to xfce for some time when it gets wayland support. Xfce was my DE before KDE and i genuinely like it and its customizability. The problem is X11.14:08:03
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksJust to see if i can still use it. I use xfce at work and its fine but im afraid to modify it too much.14:08:44
@mk-fg:yatrix.orgmk-fgIs that what they call well-rounded design?16:55:52
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418 what i liked most about Xfce is that everything opens instantly 17:55:19
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418i can feel myself waiting for konsole17:55:46
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418 i am trying out qterminal but its still not as fast 17:55:59
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksSet anim speed to instant lol17:56:09
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418i will look for that setting17:56:34
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418i like xfce too but on my new high res display it looks like ass17:56:49
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418the login screen in particular stays teeny tiny17:57:06
In reply to @nat-418:matrix.org
i really wish i could have some kind of medium between GNOME and XFCE
something like gnome unity then
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418i mean tbh i would just use gnome they stopped hobbling it20:34:32
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418 like just want to bind super + b to open bitwarden 20:34:55
@nat-418:matrix.orgnat-418basic stuff really20:35:06
@hank:myportal.socialHank I’m a Cinnamon or Budgie person at this point. Gnome sometimes on Ubuntu proper because default. 20:44:05
In reply to @hank:myportal.social
I’m a Cinnamon or Budgie person at this point. Gnome sometimes on Ubuntu proper because default.
i thought budgie was dead?
@mk-fg:yatrix.orgmk-fgLast release seem to be only about a month ago21:02:29
@mk-fg:yatrix.orgmk-fgAlso, iirc serebit's question was in the most recent 2.5A, wonder if they might be lurking here too...21:03:23
In reply to @nat-418:matrix.org
i thought budgie was dead?
Oh no. Far from it.
@traceyc:matrix.orgTraceyC Solus Team member here. Budgie is a separate project, but we communicate very regularly with their developrs (some of whom are also on the Solus Team). Budgie is actively developed. https://github.com/BuddiesOfBudgie/budgie-desktop 21:26:46
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksBudgie is really nice21:56:28
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksIt may be my xfce replacement to be honest21:56:39
@traceyc:matrix.orgTraceyCWhile I prefer Plasma on my laptop, we use Budgie on our HTPC because we want to keep things there speedy and streamlined21:57:26
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksAgain just need that wayland support21:57:33
@traceyc:matrix.orgTraceyCI know that's in their roadmap21:57:49
@akselmo:matrix.akselmo.devAksI think i will stick plasma for loooong time (as both kde dev but also i just like it)21:58:20

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