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27 Sep 2022
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox And death defiance 20:22:00
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Bahahhahaha 20:22:38
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Yeah im the same. Im absolutely reckless as hell and always try to clear each room like a mad man 20:24:38
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Which is why I loved tidal dash with greater reflex 20:24:48
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox And then Athena’s boon worked well with that too 20:25:03
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Yeah dude that one with Chiron bow is insane 20:26:48
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox First shot gets the target lock, and then your entire special hits the enemy 20:27:06
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Ohhh right 20:27:12
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Man, the story in this game is also insane 20:27:20
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox You have to best the game once 20:28:28
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Beat* 20:28:52
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox This one was a big challenge for me 20:29:44
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Until I realized what I needed to do 20:29:53
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox I think this boss was the hardest for me 20:31:09
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox I ended up killing hydra immediately after reaching him 20:31:20
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox These guys gave me trouble 20:31:30
@_discord_285487412606402572:t2bot.ioIzaw rat king is where it is at 20:31:50
@_discord_285487412606402572:t2bot.ioIzaw fuck this guy 20:32:00
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Yeah that’s what I was doing wrong. I realized I had to take out the Minotaur first and then the ranger was easy 20:33:30
@_discord_285487412606402572:t2bot.ioIzaw the rogue like really do be a roguelike 20:33:48
@_discord_285487412606402572:t2bot.ioIzaw if you struggling, get the 2 dash and you have like almost constant 1s of iframe 20:34:28
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Yeah with Athena dash and two dashes it’s sick 20:35:04
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 changed their display name from IrisTT#2 to ITTB#4864.23:11:23
@_discord_967535610648735805:t2bot.ioSemenDemon69 changed their display name from ITTB#4864 to SemenDemon69.23:11:25
28 Sep 2022
@_discord_378842879050776576:t2bot.iozE I HATE this boss 05:48:42
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox The machine gun is my least favorite weapon 07:25:24
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox I just tried out God of War on steam deck and it was actually incredible 07:25:39
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox 30fps lock on original settings 07:25:54
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox Noita is at a historic low on Steam 09:31:09
@_discord_282134235924660234:t2bot.iox https://store.steampowered.com/app/881100/Noita/ 09:31:41

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