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27 May 2022
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)God shit man... the thing is still down01:50:51
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)I bet loads of other sysadmins have gone through this at some point... just petrified hoping it comes back up xD01:51:10
In reply to @marcus687:matrix.org
Yeah it feels more bloated. It just more professional for the use case of education. I don't like how the default group communication method is discord in schools
People use OneNote in the application to do work in. It's slow as hell
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)There is literally nothing I can do01:51:18
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)My poor venusaur is stuck in my house01:51:57
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelve IT people are just guys who are just posing for bullshit. 01:52:04
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)It's going to take me a few weeks to get her out01:52:07
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveSome of them01:52:11
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)Lol you're so dark sometimes01:53:19
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelve I'm cynical because people are shells. 01:54:15
In reply to @telegram_1472275504:calyx.dev
Lol you're so dark sometimes
I can get a lot darker too.
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)I'm cynical because my server has been down for 50 minutes now01:57:28
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)And I don't know why01:57:42
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveThat's why I put some of my stuff on my SSD01:59:12
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)> run a line test £250 says it comes back fine01:59:38
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)Oh... I'm down £25002:00:13
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687I used to use OneNote when I didn't know any better02:00:43
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687But realized it's so unorganized and made things messy. 02:01:10
@telegram_1472275504:calyx.devfreshgum bubbles (Telegram)I use it02:01:17
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveThat's what is happening with my English work02:01:22
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveMy English teacher wanted us to use it02:01:42
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687I tried taking notes with markdown but it didn't have some of the formatting that I wanted and also some of the numbers on my numrow on my laptop doesn't work so I can't do stuff like ## or ** easily02:02:05
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687Now, I'm just taking notes with good ol' librewriter02:02:17
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveI use markdown for quick and simple stuff02:05:57
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveSometimes full articles or essays02:06:25
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687Yeah I use for simple stuff as well02:22:39
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveMy cats are coming to say hi to me now02:34:22
@marcus687:matrix.orgmarcus687Watching Alex Jones on Michael Malice podcast02:46:14
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveThat's fun02:48:01
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveI need to put my mind back into a blender and vegg out while listening about past life regression02:49:12

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