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16 Jul 2018
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileo(but I'm not sure if anybody is affected as the issue was between two recent commits)20:33:33
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileo Also, I was thinking of "hiding" the following page from the public website, and only make it visible when logged-in (as it's where you can unfollow people).
Do you think it should be configurable/optional?
17 Jul 2018
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageSounds good to me03:50:29
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@mitchell:matrix.urgero.org@mitchell:matrix.urgero.orgOK Now my Matrix server has PSQL so I can properly federate with matrix.org. How is microblog coming along?15:48:21
19 Jul 2018
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileo /!\ breaking changes in the last push, you will need to run /migration4 to build the new cache after your next redeploy 23:13:50
17 Jul 2018
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21 Jul 2018
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileo Next update /migration4 (even if already done, safe to re-perform) and /migration5 09:43:05
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoI hopde these are the last migration :p09:43:17
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoAnd there's a new "Lookup" page in the admin that let you lookup a webfinger username (@dev@microblog.pub) or paste the URL of a profile/note/toot and let you follow/like/announce09:50:03
22 Jul 2018
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage tsileo: while the url previews for actual URLs are pretty useful, the previews for mentions make threads a bit annoying to read, because after a post most of the participants profile is displayed 11:36:24
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoYep I made an update, now it should not pick profile11:38:10
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageokay, great11:38:18
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageanother thing, I get a lot of internal server errors (when trying to reply, view replies or go to the second page on my stream), how do you ideally want me to report those?11:39:11
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoI'm planning to get better error logging this afternoon11:39:38
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoand I think it was because of OStatus notices11:40:00
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoand that should be fixed11:40:06
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoso for newer threads, it should not be an issue anymore11:40:18
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhageokay, good11:40:41
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileothanks for the feedback11:47:07
@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhagethanks for the application ^^11:47:54
16 Aug 2018
@benthor:tchncs.deThorben Krüger joined the room.13:03:12
28 Aug 2018
@arteteco:matrix.orgarteteco joined the room.13:35:53
@arteteco:matrix.orgartetecoHey all! How is microblog coming along?13:36:21
@tsileo:matrix.orgtsileoStill under development, I'm still fixing bug, and some features are still missing. but it progresses!20:45:28

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