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11 Jun 2020
@allisonf:matrix.orgЭлиза♥ changed their display name from allison to Элиза♥.18:31:14
@allisonf:matrix.orgЭлиза♥ changed their profile picture.18:32:04
28 Jun 2020
@psydroid:matrix.orgpsydroid joined the room.09:43:19
7 Jul 2020
@megan5334:matrix.orgmegan5334 joined the room.17:59:31
8 Jul 2020
@megan5334:matrix.orgmegan5334 left the room.00:37:49
@xwok5fjr:matrix.orgxwok5fjr joined the room.13:40:12
@xwok5fjr:matrix.orgxwok5fjr left the room.14:32:06
@nerayo:matrix.orgnerayo joined the room.20:22:33
@nerayo:matrix.orgnerayo left the room.20:22:53
14 Jul 2020
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112 joined the room.09:04:47
17 Jul 2020
@xameer:matrix.orgxameer joined the room.17:35:24
18 Jul 2020
@rockydd:matrix.orgrockydd joined the room.16:00:24
@magaruch1488:tedomum.netmagaruch1488 joined the room.19:52:40
@magaruch1488:tedomum.netmagaruch1488 left the room.21:25:40
19 Jul 2020
@storm89161:matrix.orgmidi left the room.03:19:53
@storm89161:feneas.orgmidi[F] left the room.03:21:08
21 Jul 2020
@raphyjake:matrix.orgraphyn4k joined the room.07:33:02
@raphyjake:matrix.orgraphyn4k set a profile picture.07:40:52
@raphyjake:matrix.orgraphyn4k changed their display name from @raphyn4k:matrix.org to raphyn4k.07:59:02
31 Jul 2020
@gate32:matrix.orggate32 changed their profile picture.00:21:36
7 Aug 2020
@origen:matrix.orgorigen joined the room.16:54:19
8 Aug 2020
@samhh:matrix.orgsamhh joined the room.20:51:38
@samhh:matrix.orgsamhh set a profile picture.20:57:53
19 Aug 2020
@vancha112:matrix.orgvancha112 left the room.10:06:17
20 Aug 2020
@tauoverpi:feneas.org Levy (Elara) changed their display name from Levy (Elara) to Levy (Elara).12:14:53
24 Aug 2020
@origen:matrix.orgorigen left the room.06:35:51
12 Sep 2020
@xameer:matrix.orgxameer left the room.15:30:29
6 Oct 2020
@tauoverpi:feneas.org Levy (Elara) left the room.15:14:55
14 Oct 2020
@duckydubs:matrix.orgGlossyBoyToy left the room.16:57:24
18 Oct 2020
@konohamaru:matrix.orgkonohamaru joined the room.22:31:13

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