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26 May 2019
00:06:06@duckydubs:matrix.orgAkiko Himenokoji removed their display name nekoboi.
00:07:09@duckydubs:matrix.orgAkiko Himenokoji set their display name to Akiko Himenokoji.
30 May 2019
17:29:10@tauoverpi:tedomum.netLevy[T] invited @tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集).
17:29:29@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) joined the room.
17:37:09@tauoverpi:tedomum.netLevy[T]changed room power levels.
23:38:07@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) set a profile picture.
23:40:26@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) changed their profile picture.
1 Jun 2019
23:56:27@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) Now that's what I call a Hacker
3 Jun 2019
11:55:00@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) Coroutines in Forth
6 Jun 2019
11:33:25@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) Dr Dobb's Data Compression with Arithmetic Encoding
9 Jun 2019
19:42:44@god.el:matrix.orgGöd.el joined the room.
20:47:58@tauoverpi:matrix.org@tauoverpi:matrix.org changed their display name from Levy to Levy[M].
20:50:18@tauoverpi:tedomum.netLevy[T] changed their display name from Levy to Levy[T].
13 Jun 2019
01:35:13@tauoverpi:matrix.org@tauoverpi:matrix.org left the room.
25 Jun 2019
09:54:09@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) Programming books
26 Jun 2019
00:37:53@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) Reciprocal Multiplication, a tutorial
27 Jun 2019
18:39:42@gate32:matrix.orggate32 joined the room.
25 Jul 2019
20:02:48@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) changed their display name from Levy to Levy (征集).
27 Jul 2019
15:25:59@bnjbvr:delire.partybnjbvr joined the room.
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5 Aug 2019
16:36:42@storm89161:matrix.orgmidi changed their profile picture.
6 Aug 2019
13:20:31@apurvapavaskar:matrix.orgD5h4d0w set a profile picture.
13:20:55@apurvapavaskar:matrix.orgD5h4d0w changed their profile picture.
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16 Aug 2019
17:36:17@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) changed their profile picture.
20:14:36@tauoverpi:feneas.orgLevy (征集) changed their profile picture.
24 Aug 2019
12:53:58@zfnmxt:zfnmxt.comzfnmxt joined the room.
12:58:57@zfnmxt:zfnmxt.comzfnmxt left the room.
25 Aug 2019
05:36:24@sindifutea1985:matrix.org@sindifutea1985:matrix.org joined the room.
05:36:31@sindifutea1985:matrix.org@sindifutea1985:matrix.org left the room.

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