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25 Jun 2022
@JAA:libera.chatJAA How should a situation be handled where multiple separate entities are described on one wiki page? Specifically, I'm looking at one where there have been three different Danish jazz trios over the years (distinct names and members) which are all described on a single page on Danish Wikipedia. I think each trio formation should have its own WD item, but sitelinks must be unique... 05:10:11
@JAA:libera.chatJAA There are already messy WD items for two of the trios. Identifiers for all three mixed up, and one statement that doesn't even belong to any of the three (but rather to one member) as the cherry on top. They also have sitelinks to Danish WP, with one of those links being a redirect nowadays (which I think couldn't even be assigned now since IIRC sitelink redirects get detected on the dupe check). 05:14:08
@JAA:libera.chatJAAI also found Q1531509, which was originally created for a German band, now represented by Q109424218, but hijacked by an Irish band of the same name via a merge of Q3778322 in August 2018. The item had existed since December 2012; a number of edits have been made since the merge. Should it still be unmerged?05:52:30
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26 Jun 2022
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