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9 Mar 2023
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10 Mar 2023
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12 Mar 2023
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13 Mar 2023
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14 Mar 2023
@ckie:ckie.devckie (they/them; heavily limited keyboard usage, dictation or voice only) changed their display name from ckie (they/them) to ckie (they/them; heavily limited keyboard usage, dictation or voice only).01:08:49
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15 Mar 2023
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16 Mar 2023
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17 Mar 2023
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18 Mar 2023
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19 Mar 2023
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20 Mar 2023
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@tomodachi94:matrix.orgTomoHas anyone else been having issues with Mix'n'match?03:07:03
@tomodachi94:matrix.orgTomoI'm unable to enter 'match mode', but 'mobile matching' works fine...03:07:06
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