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12 Nov 2019
08:30:03@mikaela:privacytools.ioMikaelaWhy is this person everywhere requesting Yggdrasil support without any explanation why or what is Yggdrasil or anything, is their goal to make Yggdrasil a bad name and cause a bad reputation or something? 😿 https://github.com/zedeus/nitter/issues/91 https://github.com/KonoromiHimaries
08:32:08* @mikaela:privacytools.ioMikaela decides that she has no obligation to start explaining that while leaving soon and having a headache
08:40:57* @freenode_Reinhilde:matrix.orgReinhilde meows loudly at Mikaela
08:41:56@mikaela:privacytools.ioMikaelameow, disappearing for doctor's appointmnet
08:47:04* @freenode_Reinhilde:matrix.orgReinhilde meows loudly at the weirdo who was slandering Yggdrasil
08:47:30@freenode_Reinhilde:matrix.orgReinhildeWHY IS A FOX MEOWING WTF WHAT IS THIS WORLD
10:58:23@passenger245:matrix.orgpassenger245 Maybe we can have a page where one can request a socat tunnel ygg <-> clearnet
12:19:09@mihailpodivilov:matrix.orgMihail Podivilov joined the room.
12:19:18@mihailpodivilov:matrix.orgMihail PodivilovHi there guys!
12:24:10@revertron:matrix.orgRevertron joined the room.
13:35:53@leonardo:ponies.imLeon4 joined the room.
13:45:57@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail Podivilov joined the room.
16:03:08@shubatman:matrix.orgshubatman joined the room.
16:03:43@shubatman:matrix.orgshubatmanAll privet
В ответ на @shubatman:matrix.org
All privet
And you zdrasti
17:08:39@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovCho pochom?
17:10:27@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикsFree as in freedom
13 Nov 2019
12:44:42@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovHey guys
12:44:55@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovJust created HumHub instance for Ygg
12:45:08@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovTry it out here: http://[202:81f0:6568:2ee7:8959:12dc:dd55:7807]/
12:45:48@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovDon't forget to add me to friends :))
12:46:01@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovTo be sure that social network works as proper
In reply to @mihail:matrix.podivilov.ru
To be sure that social network works as proper
properly ;)
12:48:03@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail Podivilov
In reply to @revertron:matrix.org
properly ;)
12:56:20@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail PodivilovSomeone?
12:58:09@fenuks:sibnsk.netFеnикs What's a HumHub?
12:59:03@mihail:matrix.podivilov.ruMihail Podivilov Fеnикs: a sort of social network.

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