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22 Jan 2020
19:52:07@duck19:matrix.orgduck19 neilalexander: how to progress with Android support?
19:52:53@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderI think probably giving some help to ChronosX88 who is in the main #yggdrasil:matrix.org channel
19:53:01@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderHe has done some of the foundation work already I think
19:56:59@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderhttps://github.com/ChronosX88/yggdrasil-android is the repository
19:57:08@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderIf you are a fluent Android developer you might be able to submit PRs to there :-)
20:26:23@duck19:matrix.orgduck19I now build it and make screenshot, not all work i see its in under development.
20:29:26@duck19:matrix.orgduck19if click Browse give message "Soon"
20:31:21@duck19:matrix.orgduck19 neilalexander: yggdrasil support Arm like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PinePhone ?
21:53:34@Arceliar:matrix.orgArceliari think things should just work on the pinephone. it sounds like it's going to be running some arm64 linux distro, and my arm64 public peer works fine
23 Jan 2020
18:08:33@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. Kildaireduck19 Looks cool
24 Jan 2020
09:21:44@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlDACs should be shipped locally today. Provisioning 4th ipfs node meanwhile.
11:21:08@ttt7659:matrix.orgttt7659 joined the room.
14:30:32@deavmi:disroot.orgTristan B. KildaireDACs?
14:36:21@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlDirect attach cables. Copper, with SFP+ ends. Use them instead of optics when connecting things in a rack or between adjacent racks.
14:37:51@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlAlso for 40G, with QSFP+, like https://www.fs.com/de-en/c/40g-qsfp-dac-1117
14:39:25@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlReluctantly I'm coming to the conclusion that IPFS is a mess, and even the devs don't have a good understanding of what is going on.
14:41:08@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlBeing a part of the global IPFS DHT cloud appears more a liability than a feature.
14:42:03@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderlibp2p is certainly a mess, I can say that much :-(
14:44:50@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlSo what do we do now? Just deploy Ygg instead? It would work, if WAN peering autodiscovery can be made to work.
14:45:50@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderThere are a lot of things ipfs/libp2p does that ygg doesn't really
14:45:59@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderThat is not to say we couldn't create libraries to do those things
14:48:53@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlWhat ygg does well is speedy end to end encryption, and ability to go through NAT, and, hopefully, ability to scale to larger size than the current p2p applications.
14:50:13@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlBut autopeering with WAN discovery is probably going to be a massive can of worms, unless we can identify nodes with direct IPv4/IPv6 reachability and good connectivity.
14:51:09@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlSo, autopeer on local LAN or wireless mesh with multicast/mDNS, do some advanced profiling WAN discovery, prefer good backbone nodes.
14:52:15@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlSo you need profiling and node reputation tracking, so stable, well-connected nodes are preferred.
14:56:33@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlSpeaking of mDNS, just found https://github.com/libp2p/go-libp2p-examples/tree/master/chat-with-mdns
16:00:41@eleitl:matrix.orgeleitlI can make ipfs swarm connects with quic over Ygg. Somewhat perverse, packaging udp in a tcp tunnel.

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