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16 Feb 2020
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanOr then I might have to fly to india17:28:05
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanYes, meet ya in India!17:28:25
17 Feb 2020
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Yes, meet ya in India!
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendWe will be going to India next month! We will start making plans on when exactly to go tomorrow I think .) This would make a good story!02:58:44
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendNew Delhi we will be flying to most likely and then from there travel to Dharamsala, a touristy place where the Dalai Lama lives05:14:07
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendNow, about the Tarina, can I insert empty Scene in example at shot 13, so that there would be a division -> shots 1-12 wouuld be in scene one and shots 13...∞ Or if not, do you think it would be a useful feature?05:22:15
Download VectorImage_2020-02-17_060019.jpg
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendThis happened when i inserted empty scene and pasted a shot into it, all in a film that already had a scene 1.So, I think, when I insert scene before the first scene in a movie, it doesent find it and then it cant play it.06:02:52
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanOkey, I should be able to track this, look at the filename it is wrong, its searching for /Videos/omsk2/scene002/scene002.mp406:13:20
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmangot it06:22:20
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmangetting the same error, this is good!06:22:33
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanboom found it06:24:05
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanactually this wasa good bug to find, it might solve other issues as well06:28:27
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmannotin wrong with yank and paste, it is the rendering hash function that dont get it06:41:44
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmannow it is easy to solve this problem, but all the scenes need to be rendered to just scene.mp406:42:31
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmancuz they're allready in a folder with scene number, so the filename should not need to have this.06:43:22
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanthen ya can yank and paste all ya want06:43:41
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanwonder what I've been thinking when writing this poorly06:44:28
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmancuz I knew about the problem and had already a solution like this for the shots folder06:45:15
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanoh well06:45:18
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendSweet :)09:51:43
Download 20200217_140118.jpg
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendGiving this at startup. It gpes into GUI for a few seconds, then this.09:52:35
Download 20200217_165608.jpg
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanoh damn one of the cigarett box metal pieces has gone off10:01:24
@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendSry. This is the thing it says.09:57:02
@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanI see the problem on that one, had to experience that myself also. Soo first glue then paint :P10:01:24
Download 20200217_165605.jpg
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Giving this at startup. It gpes into GUI for a few seconds, then this.
giving the same error at startup?

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