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1 Mar 2020
09:25:32@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanlags when shooting next shot??
09:35:45@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendyaah if i just shot a long shot, the it just takes time to shoot the next one (I think its processing the shot) and everything feezes so i cant move the cursor/selector. No need for action yet, I will keep an eye on it. Recharge battery fully etc.
10:04:04@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanyaah ya mean the converting to playable thing?
10:04:27@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit's still there, have not done anything about that yet
10:04:52@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit's gonna take some thinking to change that
10:10:10@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendno biggie :) It feels way smoother now tho with the update
11:19:18@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmangood to hear!
11:22:47@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanhave you btw got these random loud white noise things happening, its very rare but sometimes it happens when you play a video or recording
11:23:35@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanits really annoying, and hard to track down
11:24:22@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanbut this is one of the few really annoying bugs that is left, I believe... fingers crossed
11:25:16@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanmight be that it's some sort of harware failure in my usb sound card
11:40:01@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmaninteresting http://nosignal.fi/ecasound/Documentation/programmers_guide/html_ecidoc/eci_doc.html#sec2
14:21:17@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanok been messing around with ecasound
14:21:24@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit is brilliant!!!
14:22:06@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmangoing to be changing from arecord to ecasound
14:22:23@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit's just mighty
14:22:55@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanwith python library also
14:22:56@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmansick man
14:23:28@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit will then work as a freakin multitrack recording device also!!!
14:24:40@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmani love this ecasound thing, its brilliant
14:25:12@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanand also a finn who has written it
14:27:23@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanu can freakin put some sick realtime effect on yar tracks
14:28:14@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit's not even gonna be that difficult to implement it
14:28:27@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanit's just such a brilliant api
14:29:26@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanthis is how ya supposed to write programs
14:29:56@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanfakin my mind is exploding right now with possibilities
14:51:53@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendthats, not bad .)
2 Mar 2020
08:30:39@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanwow, a kind hearted has sent me bitcoin!
08:33:08@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanVery much appreciated! whereva ya are, cheers mate!!
11:41:42@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendSweet :D via teh tarina page ?

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