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8 Jan 2020
10:38:13@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendI will mamake it the tests with different styles of filming and report back.
10:39:39@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanThink it should not vary so much how u film..
10:40:45@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanIt can but I did tweak it to reasonable settings for the these cards
10:41:26@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanI cant quite remember when i did the last update on your camera however
10:41:50@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanThis is a quite recent tweak
10:41:52@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendYes! Also, there is a disturbance sound in the old microphone with certain cable positions. The new mic you made doesent have this. Might want to improve on that at some point. Also its a tight fit with some cables in the aux on the mic because it sits so close to the objektiv-frame
10:42:48@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanOk, that is good to know!
10:42:51@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendI did some room-making on mine so now it is usable with my thicker cable
10:43:24@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanGood ye need to make cables not fat
10:43:48@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanPut em on a diet!
10:44:48@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendYah. I just have a Cordial-cable for longer interviews and the slim one was suspected to be part of the afore mentioned disturbance of the first mic.
10:45:06@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendBut luckily the Tarina is very malleable! :D
10:46:44@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanNeed to check for this disturbance on the future mics
10:47:08@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanBut we fix this bad mic when u get here
10:48:17@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendOr when u get dwundeer! :D
10:48:20@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanI have put a large order on these mics now so I can send shipment to your future destination
10:48:53@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanOr yes, send technical help man dwunder
10:49:58@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendMr. R McCool :D Native Apache
10:50:42@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendBut all in all we are operational and the story continyes.
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But all in all we are operational and the story continyes.
10:51:34@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanIs a cool
10:52:06@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendThis is good news!
10:55:30@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanHope it will start worky the camera thing without frames dropping!! So u can focus on makin good stories along your grandios adventure!!
11:15:44@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendWe shall see how it goes :) It is a very good take on filmmaking! Moscow out.
9 Jan 2020
06:51:40@mob:matrix.tarina.orgmob More stories!! Films, more films!! I'm in the mood to make more films. I guess the mic is on it's way. I was going to order today but I've lost the adress to the tarina store?! pls :)
10:58:52@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckman It is http://shop.tarina.org
16:03:44@mob:matrix.tarina.orgmobI thank you!
12 Jan 2020
19:45:28@dr.void:matrix.orgFrendSo, for editing I thought I'd use Olive (I know I ought to just make it a done deal on the camera but as for now with all the sound and whatnot I prefer to do some finishing touches on the laptop.) Is this a good editor? Shoud I put the file I'm working on on the SSD of the laptop or can I just edit it while its on a external drive?
13 Jan 2020
11:00:26@rbckman:matrix.tarina.orgrbckmanYou should work directly from harddrive, it will be faster this way!

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