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A place for sissies to meet and chat. 18+ only. Admirers are welcome, but please be respectful of others' boundaries and feelings. Please don't spam the chat with banalities. No DMs without permission.1 Servers

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22 Mar 2021
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26 Mar 2021
@femmboy:matrix.orgfemmboy joined the room.07:50:55
@femmboy:matrix.orgfemmboyHi roo07:52:14
@femmboy:matrix.orgfemmboyRoom 07:52:21
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@femmboy:matrix.orgfemmboyMe 07:53:39
29 Mar 2021
@pr0_org:matrix.orgprogramming changed their profile picture.14:01:07
6 Apr 2021
@pr0_org:matrix.orgprogramming changed their display name from variable to programming.12:19:44
7 Apr 2021
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14 Apr 2021
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20 Apr 2021
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ joined the room.09:34:21
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻hi09:34:57
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ changed their display name from iliavond to queen ilia.09:55:47
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ set a profile picture.09:58:55
21 Apr 2021
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ changed their display name from queen ilia to ✞︎queen ilia✞︎.07:04:03
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ changed their display name from ✞︎queen ilia✞︎ to ༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎.07:04:41
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ changed their display name from ༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎ to ༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻.07:05:04
28 Apr 2021
@iliavond:matrix.org༺✞︎queen ilia✞︎༻ left the room.07:37:24
2 May 2021
@sissyslut4bbcbull:matrix.orgSissySLUT4BBCbulls joined the room.02:07:25
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3 May 2021
@jancum:matrix.orgJan Cum 🇩🇪hi, horny m 26 bi looking for dirty sexchat. pm me14:07:41
6 May 2021
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9 May 2021
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15 May 2021
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