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15 May 2022
@_discord_347216129380319234:t2bot.ioTristen Sinanju iwas trying to make some order of it 16:27:06
@_discord_347216129380319234:t2bot.ioTristen Sinanju if it's not supposed to make sense i can stop wondering why it doesn't make sense XD 16:28:26
@_discord_239371209202991105:t2bot.ioOxey I think the difference would be pretty negligible because you're never hitting middle of the keys but the top or bottom, but it's an interesting concept regardless 16:35:04
@_discord_347216129380319234:t2bot.ioTristen Sinanju front and back look taller, so maybe that's by intent 16:39:56
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake on the top/bottom row yes, doesn't give you anything
but for the home row I'm sure I'm resting somewhere in the middle
in theory you could have 2 slim rows like that in the middle and two normal ones as top/bottom
giving you 4 touch-typable rows in total
but that's just the words, how would it really feel I have no idea
@_discord_206409038366244864:t2bot.ioAwake 4 rows so we would have even more space to put our double letters to 16:48:05
@_discord_224380699380154368:t2bot.ioze_or#1616 that would be nice for kana typing 18:03:50
@_discord_224380699380154368:t2bot.ioze_or#1616 where they use numrow too 18:03:53
@_discord_224380699380154368:t2bot.ioze_or#1616 also reminds me of textblade 18:04:13
Download image0.jpg
@_discord_224380699380154368:t2bot.ioze_or#1616 only if 18:04:38
@_discord_341813193464872991:t2bot.iosemi 18:08:47
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioFlarefin how do I set a key to thumb in a200 23:39:09
@_discord_474550534301548556:t2bot.io<3 ⌨ don't know if it's possible to set alphas to thumb, but ClemenPine could confirm 23:41:56
@_discord_341813193464872991:t2bot.iosemi I think apsu's fork has support for it maybe? https://github.com/Apsu/200-analyzer 23:43:07
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioFlarefin oo 23:43:11
Download unknown.png
@_discord_341813193464872991:t2bot.iosemi ye 23:43:30
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine Yeah a200 doesn't have it 23:43:35
@_discord_514971722626367517:t2bot.ioClemenPine Apsu's fork does 23:43:45
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioFlarefin it worked, apsu to the rescue once again 23:46:55
16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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