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22 Sep 2022
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioSmudge lmao 02:38:33
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorse That's just how the algorithm spit it out 02:38:35
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioSmudge classic 02:38:59
@_discord_761732338744557568:t2bot.ioGalileoBlues yeah that seems like an easy swap 02:39:05
@_discord_761732338744557568:t2bot.ioGalileoBlues whorf is poggin 02:39:35
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioSmudge insert some joke about whorf 02:39:36
@_discord_474550534301548556:t2bot.io<3 whorse 02:39:49
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan its not 👍 03:34:39
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan y is more common on typeracer - by a pretty large margin i think 03:34:54
@_discord_368895414482501632:t2bot.ioSmudge !layout whorf 03:35:01
@_discord_861041190329778246:t2bot.ioKLCord whorf
Created by whorf (NotGate) (2021)
f l h d m  v w o u , 
s r n t k  g y a e i / 
x j b z q  p c ' ; . 
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan also literally all sfbs on whorf are with y, hence why its in the middle, makes all the sfbs 1u 03:35:19
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorse They mean yc swap 03:36:02
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan yeah 03:36:15
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan yc swap is not a given 03:36:27
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorse ah so my alg was right cool 03:36:34
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan yuh 03:36:39
@_discord_397759190543892480:t2bot.ioFlan its good for movement and in terms of frequency it can also be good, just depends on the corpus :) 03:37:03
@_discord_426851559952089088:t2bot.iowhorse indeed 03:37:12
@_discord_447830705993678850:t2bot.io[FaZe] Tr1vio changed their display name from [FaZe] Tr1vio to [FaZe] Qual#9747.05:34:51
@_discord_447830705993678850:t2bot.io[FaZe] Tr1vio changed their display name from [FaZe] Qual#9747 to [FaZe] Tr1vio.05:34:53
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@_discord_609605611990155265:t2bot.ioka(e)nye(a) waste changed their profile picture.14:18:03
@_discord_609605611990155265:t2bot.ioka(e)nye(a) waste changed their display name from ka(e)nye(a) waste#3830 to ka(e)nye(a) waste.14:18:07
23 Sep 2022
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