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1 Apr 2020
17:45:28@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <MorganJekyll> I’m using Mobil DEX and have 2 failed swaps that I didn’t get my KMD back. It’s been 4 days.
17:51:12@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <PTYX> For which pair?
17:58:32@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> @MorganJekyll what's the status right now, and do you see an unlock funds button? send me the swap ID i'll have a look
18:09:26@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <MorganJekyll> 2 different KMD/HUSH swaps. status says “timeout” and yes the “unlock funds” is available but when I click it it says maker fee already taken
18:18:12@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> there is no maker fee
18:18:24@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> what is the exact error message when you click unlock?
18:19:27@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> 1) ```String(\"the transaction was rejected by network rules.\\n\\n18: bad-txns-inputs-spent\\``` 2) ``` String(\"the transaction was rejected by network rules.\\n\\nMissing inputs\\``` this was the cause
18:19:52@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> both stuck at `"taker_error_type":"MakerPaymentSpendFailed"`
18:19:57@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> @PTYX
19:47:40@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> investigated, he got the HUSH although the app is showing timeout. 🙂
19:47:49@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> case closed 🙂
3 Apr 2020
07:57:29@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <𝙊𝙞𝙣𝙠> I just noticed this github account created: https://github.com/atomicswapwallet with a repo Atomicswap.io that releases the software `release-core-0.3.1 `. Any dev aware of this, since it is not on the usual Komodo github?
08:03:25@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <gcharang> @𝙊𝙞𝙣𝙠 I don't think it is related tp/uses atomicDEX <https://atomicswapwallet.io/wallet/> this page talks about "connection to IPFS" and the repo you have linked is a fork of fork of .... <https://github.com/swaponline/MultiCurrencyWallet> and swaponline claims to be a dex. I don't know much else about it
08:03:33@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <gcharang> @𝙊𝙞𝙣𝙠 I don't think it is related to/uses atomicDEX <https://atomicswapwallet.io/wallet/> this page talks about "connection to IPFS" and the repo you have linked is a fork of fork of .... <https://github.com/swaponline/MultiCurrencyWallet> and swaponline claims to be a dex. I don't know much else about it
08:06:49@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <𝙊𝙞𝙣𝙠> I'll keep an eye on it. I've seen a lot of accounts being created with the purpose of spreading compromised wallet software the past couple of days.,
4 Apr 2020
00:43:32@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> Hello is this atomicdex support?
00:45:31@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> bc975f0c-a08b-4cf7-b519-604687cab8d2
00:46:27@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> Thats my swap id number. My DEX left my wallet on atomic swap trade for bitcoin but it said timeout and i never received my DEX back in wallet. Any help please?
00:55:03@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> swap involving BTC can take quite some time to go trough / get refunded, maximum is 44 hours
00:55:32@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oszy> wait a bit more, BTC can eventually show up, or get DEX refunded if not
00:57:36@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> Ahhh. Okay. Thank you very much for prompt response and guidance
01:01:47@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> Edit** was first mistsken actually DEX for KMD but i assume logic since kmd involves bitcoin hash. Will wait patiently thanks
01:33:59@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <gcharang> @P.Washington if you were swapping DEX <--> KMD , the swap should be concluded in 4 hours. either you will get refunded or get the other coins
03:29:50@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Railrain> @P.Washington little advice, bro;) before starting a swap DEX-KMD look at the addresses https: //dex.kmdexplorer.io/status, https: //dex.kmdexplorer.io/blocks If you see difficulty greater than 1 and distance between the blocks is more than a minute - this means that greedy miners are connected ;) The distance between blocks increases by orders of magnitude - and you get a "swap timeout" - there is almost no chance to swap trade.   I really want to hope that in the next releases the effect of this imperfection of the BTC-base blockchain will be somehow fixed !!! 😐
03:41:03@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <CrisF> Hi @𝙊𝙞𝙣𝙠, where did you notice `I've seen a lot of accounts being created with the purpose of spreading compromised wallet software`?
09:33:31@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <pand> Hi, I'm using Agama 0.6.1 to manage KMD. There used to be regular releases of Agama by Verus, but it seems they stopped and Agama is no longer referenced in their website, at least I don't find it, so I'm wondering if it's still safe or recommended to use Agama. If not what would be an alternative that I can run on Linux in SPV mode?
10:48:12@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <gcharang> @pand you can download the Verus Desktop wallet from https://veruscoin.io/wallet.html it is an upgrade to Verus Agama wallet and supports KMD in SPV mode
11:04:57@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <pand> Thx @gcharang I may give it a try, and do you know if Agama is actually not recommended for use anymore?
11:50:42@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <gcharang> @pand yes, all versions of Agama are deprecated. the Verus version of agama can be used, but not recommended anymore always try to use the latest available version
14:43:07@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <P.Washington> @Railrain. Thanks a for the tip from yesterday. Much appreciated

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