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1 Nov 2019

That does seem useful. I guess it's the name that confuses me.

19:45:12@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiyeah, me too
4 Nov 2019
12:25:26@dlebrecht:matrix.orgdl3br Gergely Polonkai: nice finding!!!
12:26:39@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiit’s funny how all these gems are hidden in plain sight, as no one reads documentation just randomly
12:27:07@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaii mean, i was looking for info on custom links (i forgot the syntax), and found this heading interesting so i checked 🙂
6 Nov 2019
20:12:37@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai

i’m reading the syntax draft , and found this:

If the first word appearing in the title is “COMMENT”, the headline will be considered as “commented”. Case is significant.

and indeed, if i add COMMENT as the first word of the title, it gets the org-special-keyword face.

But what does “commented” mean?

20:15:08@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai

By default, the report ignores commented (see Comment lines) and archived (see Internal archiving) entries. You can override this by
setting ‘org-agenda-skip-comment-trees’ and
‘org-agenda-skip-archived-trees’ to ‘nil’.

20:16:36@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaioh, org manual comes to the rescue
20:16:58@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkai

Finally, a ‘COMMENT’ keyword at the beginning of an entry, but after
any other keyword or priority cookie, comments out the entire subtree.
In this case, the subtree is not exported and no code block within it is executed either(1).

20:17:11@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaineat
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17 Nov 2019
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22 Nov 2019
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24 Nov 2019
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25 Nov 2019
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27 Nov 2019
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1 Dec 2019
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3 Dec 2019

You could try adding this to your .git/config file:

[diff "org"]
xfuncname = "^\+ +.$"

Then add this to .git/info/attributes:

*.org diff=org

I don't often look at git diffs of my Org files, but I added that to my Org files' git repo years ago, and it seems to help.

This is excellent, thank you

22:58:27@alphapapa:matrix.orgalphapapa You're welcome
5 Dec 2019
20:23:11@adam:thebeckmeyers.xyz&AdamI'm trying to use inline images on an org document I'm accessing via tramp, but the images are only showing up as little white squares. Does this work for anyone else?
23:35:23@mtekman:matrix.orgmtekman I had the same problem accessing inline equations rendered from latex via org-preview-latex-fragment over tramp. It worked fine in local org docs but not remote ones. I think it has to do with the full tramp path not being prepended to the remote image name, so that ~/myimage.png on the remote expands to /ssh:/home/user/myimage.png
23:38:19@mtekman:matrix.orgmtekman Maybe look for some custom vars in your package that does the inlining and see if you can prepend tramp-remote-path to it
6 Dec 2019
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7 Dec 2019
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10 Dec 2019
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11 Dec 2019
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