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28 Nov 2020
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111org-roam talk was very interesting21:11:16
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111i use org-brain at the moment, which is quite similiar21:11:34

yeah org-brain is a cool tool

@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111 alphapapa: do you use org-brain? 21:54:50

no I don't use it, but I keep an eye on its development, it's a cool project

@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111 alphapapa: what do you say about this idea: 22:39:42
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111I thought about doing a query on org-brain-entries22:40:16
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111eg: entries that have parent "foo" and at the same time parent "bar"22:40:41
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111which would allow to have links to Tag-Entries within the brain - instead of taggings of tags22:41:14
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111i only have one-star-entries in org-brain, i do not want to use hierarchical structure22:42:04
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111i know that you are the expert of doing queries :)22:42:30

sorry I don't understand the question, but see org-ql's parent and ancestor predicates

@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111ok, maybe org-ql can do that already22:44:33
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111select * from file where parent = work_tag and parent = high_priority_tag;22:45:25

(org-ql-query :from (org-agenda-files) :where '(parent (tags& "work" "high priority "))) ?

@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111i want to replace tags with tag-entries, that i link to - with parent links22:46:57
@ravelo111:matrix.orgravelo111ok, i better have a look at org-ql first, then try to ask the question again :)22:47:40

be sure to look at the examples in the docs

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29 Nov 2020
@reyman:matrix.orgreymanHi there16:17:38
@reyman:matrix.orgreyman Hi alphapapa , i'm interested by buflers capacity, i'm using Doom, do you know if that works well with https://github.com/Bad-ptr/persp-mode.el used in doom workspaces? https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs/blob/develop/modules/ui/workspaces/README.org 16:19:08
@reyman:matrix.orgreymanthx :) 16:19:11

reyman: Hi. I don't use Doom nor persp-mode, so I can't answer your question directly. See bufler-workspace-tabs-mode, which implements its own early concept of a type of workspace in Emacs.

@reyman:matrix.orgreyman ok ! Thanks alphapapa 16:42:00
@aspiers:matrix.orgaspiersI've just added organice to https://orgmode.org/worg/org-faq.html#org5e07c65 and org-parser to https://orgmode.org/worg/org-tools/#orga063279 as mentioned elsewhere20:09:05
30 Nov 2020
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