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24 Jan 2019
13:53:58@empwilli:matrix.orgempwilliUh, great, thank you, I'll give it a try!
13:54:34@empwilli:matrix.orgempwilliGreat! It works!
25 Jan 2019
In reply to @empwilli:matrix.org
mediapathic: The "Zettelkastenbook" arrived yesterday and I will give it a read as soon as I have time for it ;)
Excellent! You should do a translation for us unfortunately monolinguals :)
In reply to @mediapathic:matrix.org
Excellent! You should do a translation for us unfortunately monolinguals :)
20:09:41@benpa:matrix.orgbenpa I've been reading about ZK lately and would love to see this
1 Feb 2019
05:22:52@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatra Tried quickly searching Emacs and online but couldn't find anything. If I trigger org-agenda-redo or org-agenda-redo-all (r or g) inside an agenda buffer, any open agenda files that are narrowed are widened during the refresh. Is it possible to avoid this behavior?
05:29:01@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatra I have found the variable widen-automatically, but changing it to nil and refreshing Emacs and org didn't change the behavior, so maybe it's unrelated.
05:32:35@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatra Alright, found a way around it by using org-agenda-tree-to-indirect-buffer. This works for my use case.
6 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019
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8 Feb 2019
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16 Feb 2019
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18 Feb 2019
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23 Feb 2019
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27 Feb 2019
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2 Mar 2019
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7 Mar 2019
10 Mar 2019
18 Mar 2019
22 Mar 2019
24 Mar 2019
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25 Mar 2019
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