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19 Jan 2019
04:24:31@swflint:matrix.orgSam Flintwhich is pretty nice, since they're in a relatively anatomically neutral position when typing.
04:24:43@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraBut using Emacs with it requires a lot of modifications, doesn't it?
04:24:48@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintI just use it period, I do a lot of programming in Lisp.
04:25:00@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintHow would Programmer's dvorak.
04:25:21@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintAnd the thumb thing is the with the Kinesis, not Programmer's Dvorak.
04:26:11@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintAnd honestly, I started typing dvorak before I learned Emacs. And since most bindings are mnemonic, it's not that bad.
04:27:46@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraWell, I actually think Dvorak makes Emacs keybindings a lot better hehe but the problem that I've experienced with Programmer's Dvorak is with the inversion of numbers and punctuation.
04:28:05@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraSometimes it got really weird and I would just switch back to regular Dvorak to get work done.
04:28:10@swflint:matrix.orgSam Flint Ah. Fair. I've not had a huge issue.
04:28:51@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintWith bindings or general use.
04:30:50@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatraimage.png
04:31:32@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraCurrent keyboard config hehe its been a while since the last time I gave Programmer's Dvorak a try. I guess it's time to shake the dust and use it for a couple days :)
04:32:03@swflint:matrix.orgSam Flint I can't see anything.
04:32:31@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraOh, sorry.
04:32:33@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatraimage.png
04:32:54@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintOh wow. Lotta layouts.
04:32:55@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraNativo is a layout for typing Brazilian Portuguese based on the Dvorak method :D
04:35:22@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraI'm normally using regular Dvorak to type in English, but when I need to type in Portuguese I switch to Dvorak international with dead keys. I don't really like Brazil Dvorak so I don't remember why it is there, but I sometimes use Nativo (not that fast with it) to type long texts in Portuguese, and the regular Qwerty so my girlfriend doesn't feel intimitated by my computer and actually tries to do stuff with it sometimes :) It's funny.
04:36:26@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraI actually can type in Portuguese with accents pretty fast using Emacs C-x 8 XD It's horrible but I use it a lot if its just a couple words or a quick note.
04:36:37@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatra C-x 8
04:37:12@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant Paatra C-x 8 , c for a ç hehe
04:38:40@swflint:matrix.orgSam Flint Ah. I'm attempting to learn french, I just used a prefix input method.
04:40:39@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintWhich works for me as a learner, but also helps to keep one layout. Granted, it only works in emacs.
04:41:27@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraYeah, if you end up writing a lot you will eventually need dead keys.
04:42:11@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintI believe it!
04:42:22@swflint:matrix.orgSam FlintWell, off to bed.
04:42:36@anantpaatra:matrix.orgAnant PaatraSame! Night!
09:36:17@empwilli:matrix.orgempwilli Anant Paatra: Have you thought about setting up a compose key system wide? It works quite well for my english keyboard layout + german umlauts (and some spanish for learning)
10:15:06@gergely:polonkai.euGergely Polonkaiempwilli: i’m more into dead keys and custom layouts, but i did think about utilising compose for emoji
10:15:06@gergely:polonkai.euGergely PolonkaiAlso, another Dvorak typist here, although i modified it a bit for Hungarian text.

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