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4 Sep 2017
09:33:12@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12ravi changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
09:34:18@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12raviHello everyone, this is the chat room for PLUGIn, a FSMK supported GNU/Linux Users Group at PESIT-BSC.
6 Sep 2017
13 Sep 2017
05:25:29@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12ravi We have a WhatsApp group currently, I'm trying to migrate everyone to Riot.
05:26:55@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12ravi https://gitlab.com/plugin/plugin-website
05:27:06@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12ravi I've initiated a repository on GitLab as well.
12:48:49@shijil:matrix.orgshijil It would be great if you can plan something similar this time for SFD http://fossphosis.blogspot.in/2011/09/software-freedom-day-2011-bmsit.html
13:06:35@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12ravi invited @gunjan_11:matrix.orggunjan_11.
13:06:35@gunjan_11:matrix.orggunjan_11 joined the room.
15 Sep 2017
17:50:47@shijil:matrix.orgshijilOne of the FSMK member then students in BMSIT EC, Harshitha prepared this. 5 minute read to understand Evolution of Free and open-source Software.
16 Sep 2017
04:23:14@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12raviGreat, will pass it around :) thanks Shijil
19 Sep 2017
16:57:59@shijil:matrix.orgshijilAnother TED talk by RMS, some of you might have already watched. Anyways sharing it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag1AKIl_2GM&feature=youtu.be I would request all of you in this group to watch this video and share your thoughts
23 Sep 2017
14:22:02@abhi12ravi:matrix.orgabhi12raviCool :)
26 Sep 2017
7 Oct 2017

Agenda for monthly meeting - 8th Oct Sunday at 11:30 AM at FSMK Office

  1. Month long localization sprint in the context of in the context of
    Karnataka Rajyotsava.
  2. Planning for GLUG and community center activities
  3. DevCon at Hyderabad https://devconhyd.com/
11 Oct 2017
04:07:57@shijil:matrix.orgshijil Please share your thoughts. We have to finalize the activities by this week end.
21 Oct 2017
07:38:57@shijil:matrix.orgshijilNeed help with Jekyll (fsmk website). PM me if you can volunteer.
23 Oct 2017
14:33:09@shijil:matrix.orgshijil https://discuss.fsmk.org/t/hassan-localisation-spree-2017-targetting-karnataka-rajyostava/1047
expecting similar program from you too
2 Nov 2017
08:28:34@shijil:matrix.orgshijil#Anuvadotsava2k17 featured in NewIndianExpress. http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/bengaluru/2017/nov/01/localisation-of-e-content-to-kannada-to-mark-rajyotsava-1689559.html Kudos to the team 👍
10 Nov 2017

Monthly meeting 12th Nov Sunday at 11:30 AM


  1. Review of localisation activities and plan for follow up activities.
  2. Winter Camp
15 Nov 2017
20:33:24@shijil:matrix.orgshijil https://discuss.fsmk.org/t/monthly-meeting-november-2017/1064
14 Dec 2017
09:14:41@shijil:matrix.orgshijil https://discuss.fsmk.org/t/announcing-winter-camp-2018/1077

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