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22 Sep 2021
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz Where the nipple at? Also, you should see if you can get double shot keycaps that can clip into the scissor mounts on that keyboard so your backlight is actually useful 03:44:51
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz either that or carve the letters out by hand and use a 3D pen to melt some semi-transparent PLA into the caps in place of the original print 03:46:55
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz Warthunder1969 03:47:33
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@_discord_195047309308985344:t2bot.ioAlex S | DD circa 2018 | Sys76 I'll have to test when I eventually upgrade to the next fedora release 06:05:52
@_discord_234734220684034048:t2bot.ioWarthunder1969 Typically it would be in the center of the keyboard, and with the trackpoint you'd have clickers above the trackpad as well. Unfortunately dell of this year I would require a new motherboard to have that as the palmrest and board are different for a trackpoint. 11:33:02
@_discord_234734220684034048:t2bot.ioWarthunder1969 I didn't have any issues so far on 34 but I definately want to experience that. I've hardly ever done in-place upgrades with linux after the disaster that was me going from Linux Mint 18 to 19 back when (its why I went back to windows 7 at the time) 11:34:42
@_discord_234734220684034048:t2bot.ioWarthunder1969 And I certainly could if I wanted to have that but without a motherboard connector (there are 4 total connections for a keyboard with trackpoint, clickers and a backlight with trackpad, I have only 2 for the keyboard. Sadly Dell didn't even leave the pads behind to solder it myself if I wanted to. But I'm happy with my mod as-is 11:36:51
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz Not quite what I was talking about. The backlight is there as of your mod, but the keycaps aren't made for it/they don't have transparent lettering. My idea was to drill/cut the printed font out of the keycaps and inject semi-clear plastic in the remaining holes. Then the backlight would shine through the letters like on typical double-shot keycaps you'd find on boards made with backlighting and it would make the backlight much more useful. 13:07:46
Download 20210922_090842.jpg
@_discord_154083367170736128:t2bot.ioKillermemz keyboards made with backlighting in mind have keycaps with transparent font so that the backlight shines through them, instead of having to shine around them so the user can see the print. I had a board once that had backlight without the proper keycaps, and tbh it was actually harder to see the print in the dark with the backlight on because the backlight made for too strong of a contrast in the dark. 13:13:01
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23 Sep 2021
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@_discord_234734220684034048:t2bot.ioWarthunder1969 That's true. I could also swap the keys off of my system for the ones on the keyboard I stole the backlight from (they are compatible, but since I didn't have a trackpoint I couldn't just install the other keyboard straight up thanks to dell's genious design this gen) 11:46:19
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