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1 Apr 2022
@midwestdixie:chat.poal.co@midwestdixie:chat.poal.co joined the room.18:32:15
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3 Apr 2022
@anarchomonarchism:matrix.orgПодпись Неразборчива changed their profile picture.22:52:56
@anarchomonarchism:matrix.orgПодпись Неразборчива changed their display name from ((hehe((n't)))) to we live in the heheiety.22:55:12
7 Apr 2022
@hellenw:matrix.orgHellen Wright joined the room.07:21:21
18 Apr 2022
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22 Apr 2022
@watok:matrix.orgwatok joined the room.01:24:56
27 Apr 2022
@anarchomonarchism:matrix.orgПодпись Неразборчива changed their profile picture.09:32:14
@anarchomonarchism:matrix.orgПодпись Неразборчива changed their display name from we live in the heheiety to Подпись Неразборчива.09:32:41
1 May 2022
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5 May 2022
@lytrs:matrix.orglytrs joined the room.14:29:18
6 May 2022
@watok:matrix.orgwatokIs anyone here?18:36:40
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️me18:36:55
@watok:matrix.orgwatokWould you like to play?18:37:18
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️I don't have time today anymore18:37:53
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️Do you play comp?18:37:57
In reply to @timokoesters:fachschaften.org
I don't have time today anymore
We can play other day
In reply to @timokoesters:fachschaften.org
Do you play comp?
I am a casual player
@watok:matrix.orgwatokSo? 👉👈18:39:29
@watok:matrix.orgwatokWell, if someone want to play, you can add me 🙂18:43:37
@watok:matrix.orgwatokTf2 is no dead 🙂18:45:36
@watok:matrix.orgwatokNot yet 18:45:47
@anarchomonarchism:matrix.orgПодпись Неразборчиваtf2 aint dead, matrix is19:03:28
In reply to @anarchomonarchism:matrix.org
tf2 aint dead, matrix is
Well, is not dead I'm here😉
@watok:matrix.orgwatokSo if anyone want to play, I'm here19:04:37
7 May 2022
@acer-toilettes:kde.orgacer-toilettesMatrix isn't dead, it's just not born yet06:41:45
@timokoesters:fachschaften.orgTimo ⚡️Good news! We're not dying! We are going to live forever!09:34:20
@watok:matrix.orgwatokHi community, i Jope ecryone is having a good weekend12:29:35

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