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25 Apr 2017
22:33:10@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1and this whole thing about rejecting corporation. we need a strong hierarchic structure
22:33:27@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1i'm the architect. i should not be dealing with either personnel or marketing
22:33:41@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1i make the thing that everyone else builds into a product
23:08:34@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1so, sorry for the spectators, but we have to close this up
23:08:56@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1we have one of the key devs absent without leave, and he's not telling us what the fuck is going on
23:09:30@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1we have an avid fan, who has otherwise been reposting bullshit from competing projects, that have nothing in common with what we are doing except peripherally
23:09:55@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1and now he has had a hissy fit because i reject his socialist ideals. well. we are in business here.
23:10:07@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1so, I'm closing this chatroom
23:10:42@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1i mean, i have some nice contacts in here, a couple of good people, but this is not a social thing, never was meant to be
23:11:00@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1 changed the join rule to "invite" from "public".
23:11:15@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1actually, what i'm going to do is kick everyone out who is not contributing
23:11:41@ShadowsPub:matrix.org@ShadowsPub:matrix.org left the room.
23:11:52@205087:matrix.org@205087:matrix.org left the room.
23:12:22@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1no, that's not gonna work
23:12:43@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1banned@205563:matrix.org@205563:matrix.org (what's your contribution?).
23:12:59@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1no, i have no fucking idea
23:13:05@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1i'm just leaving
23:13:15@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1right now it's just me ebryans and Jacob Gadikian
23:13:54@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1and jake is awol, and isn't telling us why he has closed the connection, except in as far as i can tell, he has realised that his 'open policy' is wrong
23:14:09@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1so, enjoy the silent chat, everyone, cos dawn is not here anymore
26 Apr 2017
01:31:37@ebryans:matrix.orgebryansJoe: The concept of open collaboration appears to have been usurped - I am not terribly surprised. The project remains on track. Just as there are ill-willed people about, there seem to be a few here. Sad but true - a reflection upon human nature, it seems. Meanwhile we make good progress. Thou shall not covet ... et al.
09:54:04@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1joe, you and grammy are both invited to the dev group, we will be working only on google hangouts, so we just need a google account for you
12:30:08@205313:matrix.orgJoel0k1: I don't see how to PM. Rick (Instructor) can give you my gmail or you can get me in the SteemTrail Discord channel. I'm closing this, so may not see any future messages. I would have missed this one, except Thomas (ego-is-you) told me that you'd responded.
12:30:49@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1louki.sumirniy.stalker@gmail.com jacob's is faddat@gmail.com
12:33:39@205313:matrix.orgJoel0k1: Got it.
12:34:38@l0k1:matrix.orgl0k1we got a group hangout going, we'll add you as soon as you message me with google talk or whatever it's called these days
16:31:38@the-ego-is-you:matrix.org@the-ego-is-you:matrix.orgok since there is nothing here to view I'm leaving this place for now and going back to steemit.chat
5 Feb 2018
16:37:30@the-ego-is-you:matrix.org@the-ego-is-you:matrix.org left the room.

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