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5 Sep 2018
21:38:41@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwWhoops, yes.
21:39:56@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwCompositors find out about and talk to displays via the DRM/KMS kernel interfaces. Those give access to displays connected to the GPU.
21:42:23@wmww:matrix.orgwmww Your tablet is not directly connected to the GPU, so it wouldn't really make sense to use that interface to draw to it (if you can somehow convince the Linux kernel your USB connected tablet should be treated as a display, more power too you)
21:43:16@wmww:matrix.orgwmww Otherwise, you'll need another way for the compositor to send out it's composited results. That's where VNC comes in.
21:45:06@wmww:matrix.orgwmww Idk what the current state of Gnome or KDE VNC+Wayland support is (they might be using pipewire, which I think is an alternative?). There's an issue in Mir for it, but we're not currently working too hard on that yet. Your best bet is to use X, as it has solid VNC clients.
21:47:49@ply36:matrix.orgply36What about rdp? I've seen poor performance with VNC whenever I've had to use it in the past
21:50:55@wmww:matrix.orgwmww I've used VNC a bit, but none of the alternatives. Can't say.
21:51:43@ply36:matrix.orgply36thanks for your input, I might come around in a bit with some more questions when I explore this issue!
21:53:12@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwAck. Good luck!
25 Sep 2018
12:37:46@sudoreboot:matrix.orgsudoreboot joined the room.
22:29:01@wmww:matrix.orgwmww I just pushed some changes to the repo. When the Godot project starts, it launches the main game window, and also a seporate window drawn by Mir. In this window, you can open and use Wayland clients. Its basically just running Godot and Mir side-by-side, except they are living in different threads of the same process (in contrast to different processes, like they would be if you launched them both normally).
22:32:26@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwI'm not sure what the next step is, probably something to do with watching shit hit the fan as I try to replace Mir's renderer with Godot.
30 Sep 2018
03:51:56@alshady:matrix.orgalshadyhiya, sorry for being incommunado. I saw your update, having any luck with the renderer?
03:52:51@alshady:matrix.orgalshadyI've been continuing to work on my godot/jupyter graph based window manager thing
21 Oct 2018
22:45:28@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwDisplay abstraction PR for Godot is up: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/pull/23209. This is a prerequisite for integrating with Mir.
22:50:26@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwI've tested with the Freedesktop platform, and I know there's no compile errors with server, Javascript or Android. Testing on OSX, IPhone, UWP (Windows) or Windows (Windows) would be helpful.
22 Oct 2018
20:08:48@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5that is really nice
20:08:53@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5ill do osx soon
20:08:58@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5maybe tomorrow already
23 Oct 2018
13:17:15@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5tried to do some stuff on for osx
13:17:28@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5but there is some more work to do
28 Oct 2018

I have been working on getting godot run with a egl context.
Basically i tried to create a whole wayland backend for godot. That is really cool anayways and need to be done at one point in time anyways. Although the main devs would never put energy in it now.

Still having a little bit of issues with getting opengl to render properly. I think using opengl es might be better. I just need to find out how to disable the OPENGL flag for wayland while keeping it for x11.

Other than that progress is quiet well. And with mir we would probably use almost the same context setup.

20:53:58@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwNice, good work
31 Oct 2018
12:42:27@sashikknox:matrix.orgsashikknoxis there people who use SailfishOS (Wayland device too)? in SailfishOS we have onle GLESv2, and when i compile SDL2 version of Godot (found it in pull request in github), it not work ) ... but it not stop me, and i port SDL2 implementation of Godot 3 to Godot 2.1, and its work very nice, all examples work well ) But in SailfishOS i dont have built in rotation of rendering buffer, its mean godot draw always in Portait mode in my SailfishOS (SFOS) phone (Jolla C). Is it possible to rotate godot screen by viewport (inside Godot)?
13:20:27@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwI don't know how sailfish handles rotation. If the compositor uses a special Wayland protocol to indicate the device has been rotated, then that would have to be implemented. If instead the compositor handles rotation, you would just need to implement resize events.
13:21:26@wmww:matrix.orgwmwwRegardless, this is the wrong chat. This is for making Wayland compositors with Godot, not porting Godot to run as a Wayland client.
13:34:19@toger5:matrix.orgtoger5reimplemented the display abstraction it is now not a global change anymore and only effects the os_linux part.
13:36:49@sashikknox:matrix.orgsashikknox> Regardless, this is the wrong chat. This is for making Wayland compositors with Godot, not porting Godot to run as a Wayland client. Ok, thanks!
9 Nov 2018
In reply to @wmww:matrix.org
Regardless, this is the wrong chat. This is for making Wayland compositors with Godot, not porting Godot to run as a Wayland client.
Is there any project aside from Simula that is working on a Wayland compositor in Godot?

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