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4 Apr 2020
13:17:43@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannso you worked him long enough? :-)
13:18:13@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannin all fairness, I think there's really no other way to do it for us.
13:18:24@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannregenerating the database on every test is simply too costly.
13:18:30@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesYes I did. It took a while to go around all options but he finally came to the conclusion that this was the only way.
13:19:31@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesMy main selling point was drop-in replacement compatibility with prove.
13:26:34@ylavoie:matrix.orgYves t/16-schema-upgrade-html.t is the equivalent of Is_LSMB_running.sh? You felt sure enough that login.html and ui-header.html were stable enough to include their code in the test?
13:53:43@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannno, the schema-upgrade-html tests test whether the schema-upgrade-html-plugin returns the correct result.
13:53:52@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann(an HTML page, in case of failure)
13:56:50@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesOk, adjusting for webpack.
13:57:37@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannunfortunately, that ties the tests to the content of the actual sources.
13:57:50@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannmaybe we could do a comparison "without spaces and newlines"
13:57:58@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannthat at least would make the tests less fragile.
13:59:59@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesGood idea, I'll see what I can do there. The main issue for now is that dojo.js is pulled by main.js with webpack, so they flipped order.
14:02:55@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesI also removed the keep/add comma on last item of enumerations on the linter, which added the spurious comma you mentionned in lsmb/*; it will have effects on objects too.
14:11:04@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannbut it's not allowed to have a comma at the end, right?
14:15:21@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesTravis said hell no! ;-)
14:33:39@ylavoie:matrix.orgYves The linter had trailingComma set to es5 to garantee compatibility with Javascript. I guess there is a bug in their code there. I set it to none.
19:11:02@ylavoie:matrix.orgYves ehuelsmann: Any reason why we chose to duplicate css/Ledgersmb.css into 6 colored variants instead of relying on variables with a common implementation?
19:12:25@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannsass variables?
19:12:30@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmanncss variables?
19:12:36@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmanndoes css offer variables?
element {
  --main-bg-color: brown;
element {
  background-color: var(--main-bg-color);
19:14:04@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesI'm checking when they came.
19:14:47@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannwasn't available when we had these added to the project.
19:14:59@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann(we supported IE back when they were added...)
19:15:42@ylavoie:matrix.orgYvesI see. Now, we may be able to reduce the colored version to a bare minimum and have a common css?
19:17:21@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannI think it makes sense to drop support for IE entirely, if we didn't already.

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