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19 Jan 2019
12:27:48@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann So they're more like a single line
12:28:30@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannBut firing it all on one line?
12:29:58@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannWhat do you think about that?
12:33:48@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterIf it will fit, I think that putting it on one line is an improvement.
12:34:50@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterWhat's the use-case for multiple foreign currencies on that form? I'm trying to think of an example.
12:35:47@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannyou could want to post an opening balance on migration from another accounting system.
12:35:56@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannthat opening balance might hold multiple currencies.
12:37:08@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannalso, with paypal, you can move money from one "non-base-currency" account directly to another.
12:37:19@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannthen you need 2 different currencies in 1 transaction.
12:37:46@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterYes, good examples. Thank you. That helps.
12:38:31@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterAnd the form must balance in terms of debit/credit for each and every currency used?
12:40:24@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannthe form only needs to balance in the base currency.
12:41:40@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannI'm thinking that the amount transferred from one to another paypal currency, the amount transferred is actually one and the same value in the base currency, but I have no idea how to balance them in foreign currency.
12:58:19@_neb_github_=40john=3amatrix.freelock.com:matrix.orgGithub [@john:matrix.freelock.com] [ledgersmb/LedgerSMB] ehuelsmann pushed to master-mc: * As suggested by \@nick-prater, show functional currency symbol on its line To contrast the foreign currency on its separate line, mention explicitly the functional currency on the applicable line. This hints the user at the difference between the two lines. - https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/commit/f05a6e820de148ae26c041f91f80aa98aad062d1
12:59:08@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann nick_prater: I think the GL entry screen can be made a lot more efficient: the new line could pick up the currency from the last-used line.
13:01:42@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannthe amount entered into the fx line could be defaulted to the functional currency amount when the functional currency is selected.
13:02:09@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannwhen the currency is switched away from the functional currency, the amount could be cleared.
13:02:12@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannstuff like that.
13:03:00@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannbut more immediately, I think we should work on the issue with the manual taxes you uncovered which is now completely unclear.

nick_prater: regarding the invoice with the confusing amounts, I can include 2 subtotal rows; something like:

Subtotal ("base curr")      xxx.xx
Subtotal ("foreign curr")  yyy.yy
13:36:55@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannwould that be something that's clearer?
13:37:57@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannAnd on the "Amount" column in the manual tax table, I can imagine adding the applicable currency between brackets might help?
13:38:38@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann(In general, I wonder if we can't set up a better layout, but I think that's a next iteration)
13:48:49@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmannDid you know that the elimination of the inventory entity was part of the mc effort?
13:52:51@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_prater ehuelsmann: Yes, makes sense that the gl transfer form only needs to balance in the base currency, though it took a cup of tea for me to be sure.
13:53:13@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterYes, like your proposed solution to the invoice with confusing amounts. Much clearer.
13:54:24@nick_prater:matrix.orgnick_praterThe fix you did for the Customer History search, that I'm writing tests for. Is that on master or mc?
14:16:41@ehuelsmann:matrix.orgehuelsmann That's master.

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