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17 Feb 2024
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)I like it for the boot ring tone21:17:12
@telegram_5019913753:t2bot.ioMartin Välbahehe, understood21:17:27
@telegram_5019913753:t2bot.ioMartin Välbaadd machintosh boot sound and woala :)21:17:38
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)> voilà21:18:04
@telegram_5019913753:t2bot.ioMartin Välbawould be "voala" in my lang21:18:58
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)It would be "no existing equivalent" in my lang21:23:45
18 Feb 2024
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)
In reply to queso (quack)
Fuck grub
Fixed it
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)It was just a misplaced EFI partition indication11:54:53
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack) So instead of having /boot/EFI/gentoo/grubx64.img i had /boot/EFI/EFI/gentoo/grubx64.img which resolved to nothing at all 11:56:14
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)So don't fuck grub unless you're too horny and can't afford cool rEFInd splash screens11:56:58
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)Honest reaction12:30:28
In reply to Martin Välba
would be "voala" in my lang
I guess you were talking about fiddle.
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)But that would be a violin12:47:14
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)Not a viola12:47:18
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)By the way i play a better instrument called cello12:47:40
@telegram_1314626573:t2bot.io🦅* I guess you were talking about the fiddle.12:47:44
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)Hehe12:47:52
In reply to queso (quack)
By the way i play a better instrument called cello
Here,we have Sitars and Veenas.
@telegram_849628906:t2bot.ioqueso (quack)Oh nice12:48:52
@telegram_1233058250:t2bot.ioFriday Candour [ask to pm]
In reply to queso (quack)
Guess who cant boot anymore
The dead.
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19 Feb 2024
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20 Feb 2024
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27 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
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1 Mar 2024
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