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Approved Tor Market Welcoming Vendors & Clients. Users will be allowed to advertise Darknet content/shop/links/listings as well as their products if they are legitimate and verified through either other markets or with visual proofs ( with username). Our market strongly advise the use of Monero to help reinforce your anonymity. If you're interested in hosting or purchasing any goods ( drugs, etc..) you can drop a message. We highly value privacy and anything occuring in that room will stay in it, no information is divulged to the public. You can promote or ask for any products except the restricted one indicated below. Please read the regulations: -Any user only spamming their content without participating in general discussions will be banned. -Any user distributing any kind of pornographic link will be banned, or asking for it. -Any user claiming to sell vaccines or fentanyl will be banned. -***Any user claiming to sell credit cards/dumps & pins/paypal accounts should send their recent buyer's review or else they will be banned*** Apart from the aforementioned restrictions, there's no censorship in the room. You can talk and ask for anything including drug manufacturering, cybersecurity, weapons manufacturing, Opsec techniques, your favorite ideology or your plan to rob gold in Fort Knox reserve and whatnots. Approved vendor list: Filipe1648 In order to advertise make sure to contact the admin or moderator to get your products verified, if failed to do so will result in an instant ban. 120 Servers

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