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25 Apr 2024
@melindamassey:matrix.orgmelindamasseyOk thank you!17:58:08
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26 Apr 2024
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27 Apr 2024
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28 Apr 2024
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30 Apr 2024
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1 May 2024
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@thompson_plug:matrix.org@thompson_plug:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event23:59:58
2 May 2024
@thompson_plug:matrix.org@thompson_plug:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event00:00:08
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3 May 2024
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6 May 2024
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8 May 2024
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@eugene_gk:matrix.orgeugene_gkGreetings from Botswana, my name is Eugene and I want to believe I am in the right space to learn and know about ISP business. I am in the process of finalizing with the regulations/permissions. I hope I am not lost...10:51:07

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