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29 Aug 2022
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31 Aug 2022
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@iescapefromtheblueforever:matrix.orgRyuu Corvinhmm01:58:19
@iescapefromtheblueforever:matrix.orgRyuu Corvini think im in the wrong place 01:58:44
1 Sep 2022
@cel:hope.netcelIf starting your own ISP is the wrong place for you, I guess you could join/use an ISP someone else started?02:38:19
In reply to @iescapefromtheblueforever:matrix.org
i think im in the wrong place
🤭 i guess you came here by choice though
@sicelo:matrix.orgsiceloAnyway, you can lurk and see what others are up to 06:41:56
5 Sep 2022
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6 Sep 2022
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7 Sep 2022
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@luiscosio:matrix.orgLuis CosioHello everybody!17:54:02
@graham:castleton.esGraham hello Luis Cosio ! 17:54:22
@luiscosio:matrix.orgLuis CosioWe're an hybrid ISP in México currently running, our core is running right now on Microtik, and we're considering migrating to Cisco, been talking to vendors and we would love to get a consultation from other ISPs regarding this matter. Not sure if it is the right place to ask, but this would seem to be the closest to a community of ISPs that we are aware that exists.17:56:22
@luiscosio:matrix.orgLuis CosioWe have around 300KM of fiber in the country, and close to 1000 customers, we do not do residential, just B2B17:58:58
@graham:castleton.esGrahamGreat! Welcome. We've done a lot of Mikrotik deployment as well. Cisco is hard right now because all of their gear is 12-18 months backordered, have you considered Juniper?18:00:04
@graham:castleton.esGrahamWe do offer a full suite of consulting services if you'd like to take a look: https://outpost.plus/18:00:23
@graham:castleton.esGrahamAre you doing PON?18:00:49
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@luiscosio:matrix.orgLuis CosioWere not doing PON, we offer dedicated services only via carrier ethernet network18:14:50
@luiscosio:matrix.orgLuis CosioHow do you approach your consulting services? Is it an exploratory call first to see what we want?18:20:50
@graham:castleton.esGrahamYes, we often start with a call. You can email me directly graham@outpost.plus18:21:40
8 Sep 2022
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