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26 Jul 2021
@graham:castleton.esGraham* Yes, often that's true. Or worse. One of the reasons why reselling in incumbent lines is often not a great option. 19:04:08
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?But then you need extra devices some kinda modems19:04:21
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?And thats investing in old technology on start19:04:36
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?I was working some time for a WISP19:05:35
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?And my boss was switching to fiber optics where possible19:05:54
@graham:castleton.esGrahamYeah that's the best way to go I think19:06:13
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?Even when part of the path to the internet was wireless19:06:22
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?Still more reliable and at the end cheaper19:06:37
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?Because with fiber optics when the fiber is good it sply works19:06:53
@areyouloco:matrix.orgAreYouLoco?Simply 19:06:57
In reply to @graham:castleton.es
I think you'll have to if you want to resell incumbent lines. If you go the WISP route you probably don't have to be a CLEC
With wisp route isnt that a lot of infastructure and upfront cost?
@graham:castleton.esGrahamyes :) no free lunch! In either case 21:00:47
@graham:castleton.esGrahambut, depends on what you mean by 'a lot'. It's probably $30k minimum for a wisp.21:01:21
@norrisspivey:matrix.orgnorrisspiveyhaha not looking for free lunch....$30k is doable, but can you break it down like i'm 7(michael scott voice) on what would be needed for a wisp?21:21:01
@graham:castleton.esGrahamHave you looked at the spreadsheet linked here? startyourownisp.com, one of the first links21:22:25
@graham:castleton.esGrahamIt's a little outdated, but should give a decent idea21:22:33
@norrisspivey:matrix.orgnorrisspiveyIm not sure setting up a wisp would be the best option beucase we sell internet now for providers nationwide and i want to be able to continue offering services nationwide but under our entity. 22:05:47
27 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021
@nod0n:matrix.orgNodønHi, we do have a router connected with pppoe to our internet provider. When an already fragmented IP package comes from the internet and reaches the ISP. What is the ISP's router supposed to do? Should it assemble the IP package and fragment it again? Should it drop the last 8 bytes of each frame and send the remaining data threw pppoe (data loss...)? Are there any rules?12:45:01
30 Jul 2021
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@findingjaspers:matrix.orgfindingjaspers Is there any money left or a future for the reconnect grant program? Anyone used this program to start their ISP?
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31 Jul 2021
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