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2 Dec 2018
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3 Dec 2018
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22:30:37@lindalap:matrix.org@lindalap:matrix.orghttp://chrishacken.com/starting-an-internet-service-provider-part-2-deploying-fiber/ Part 2 was posted to Lobsters recently (few months late), and it speaks of "The Wireless Struggle" (WISP) a little bit. Found it perhaps relevant to this room.
22:30:50@lindalap:matrix.org@lindalap:matrix.orgI remember reading part 1 from HN. 😄
4 Dec 2018
18:03:53@surferumbrellacpa:matrix.orgsurferumbrellacpa joined the room.
18:41:24@surferumbrellacpa:matrix.orgsurferumbrellacpaRedacted or Malformed Event
18:53:48@surferumbrellacpa:matrix.orgsurferumbrellacpaHi All. Novice here in rural FL. We have a farm with horrible and expensive 3mbps in our office, and cell hotspots in other areas. I have a plan to distribute around our property using fixed wireless as essentially a WISP. The key i've been missing is a modern connection to internet (>100mbps hopeflly). We received a$60,000 fiber buildout quote from centurylink with another $1500/month in service. Then we went down the same route with Comcast only to be blocked again by the $60,000 upfront cost. Now I finally got connected with the manager of an on net 300' TV tower right across the road. I know I'll still have to pay for service with ISP, but what is the going rate for tower/roof space? The tower is pretty empty.
19:47:34@grahamburger:matrix.orgGrahamHi @surferumbrellacpa:matrix.org ! Is the tower managed by a tower company (like American tower or crown Castle) or is it locally owned / managed?
20:19:43@surferumbrellacpa:matrix.orgsurferumbrellacpaIt's managed by the TV station.
20:20:53@surferumbrellacpa:matrix.orgsurferumbrellacpaSo, locally.
20:22:29@grahamburger:matrix.orgGrahamGotcha. Hard to guess on price then - if it were a nationally managed company it'd be $800-2500/mo depending on how high on the tower and how much equipment. If they're local you might be able to negotiate a better deal
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6 Dec 2018
19:16:27@igel:matrix.orgigellooking for 24ghz spectrum analyzer hardware -- evidently mimosa has a new 24ghz radio that -may- support this? their gear seems like its garenteed to interfere with everything .. its not as simple as ubiquiti 24.1ghz // 24.2ghz
19:31:31@igel:matrix.orgigelanyway -- issue is airfiber24s are configured to connect to specific ssid/name its not like a spectrum analyzer or site-survey is available.
19:35:10@igel:matrix.orgigelthe af24 expose gps over snmp // ssh commands, you can aggregate your devices by ip-address, operational-mode and gps-coords then create a .kml file to handle channel management/planning
19:41:18@igel:matrix.orgigelso question remains how to determine issue is interference
7 Dec 2018
07:02:10@grahamburger:matrix.orgGraham@igel the AF24 will at least show you the noise floor, which should help determine if you're experiencing interference. Also channel planning them is pretty straightforward, no need for gps-coords and kml files - just make sure that any co-located AF24s are using the same TX channel.
8 Dec 2018
02:53:43@blakec:matrix.orgblakec set a profile picture.
22:24:27@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorth What are your experiences with RF elements horns at super low temps?
Talking -25°f and lower
9 Dec 2018
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10 Dec 2018
03:04:58@igel:matrix.orgigel changed their profile picture.
18:08:26@igel:matrix.orgigelit'd be nice if noise floor was available on AF24 tho'
18:36:08@igel:matrix.orgigelanyway -- i'm really hoping someone will develop an augmented-reality (AR) application that reads in KML or a list of coordinates/altitudes and displays the camera view but with an overlay of wifi hotspots/p2p links, meshpoints etc..
18:37:11@igel:matrix.orgigelMapbox Vision SDK has a public beta going on...
18:38:18@igel:matrix.orgigelThe Predator Vision AR.apk
11 Dec 2018
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12 Dec 2018
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14 Dec 2018
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17 Dec 2018
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