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21 Jan 2021
@sypher-001:matrix.orgsypher-001One too many bugs with their vyatta-based daemons00:57:41
@longears:onebadfeed.cflongearsI just wish the NAT464 would be easily available today. :( MikroTik and a bunch of different CPEs don't support it out of the box, so I have to resort to CGNAT.01:16:39
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@tristan:nerdsin.spacetristanOpenWRT supports 464xlat07:52:26
@longears:onebadfeed.cflongearsRight. But you don't want to give clients a peace of re-flashed equipment with something non-stock. It just adds to your labor and removes warranty from device, which is a problem when you're essentially giving it to them forever and ever.14:23:06
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22 Jan 2021
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24 Jan 2021
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25 Jan 2021
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@bobbywalker:matrix.orgbobbywalkerHey everyone. Thank you for this chat group and the great information at https://startyourownisp.com/ I am considering a 300-500 customer WISP with a long time friend. This started from frustration with my own Internet. I'm in a small gated community that doesn't have cable/fiber so we have to rely on just three companies for our Internet and NONE of them are that great. I have been working online for a living since 2006 doing SaaS platforms. Mostly sales/marketing. I was also a service business owner for 15 years so I think I can do this type of business without too much trouble. My question is what is a typical "ballpark" start up cost to start this business? I just want to make sure it's something we can afford to do before we get too deep into it. Thanks in advance for your responses!! 21:50:22
@graham:castleton.esGraham Hi bobbywalker ! Heads up I have your email from a few days ago and I'll get you some more info there. I'll let other folks chime in here if they'd like as well :) 21:51:57
@bobbywalker:matrix.orgbobbywalkerthank you Graham!21:52:22
26 Jan 2021
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