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8 Feb 2019
01:33:32@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorthRedacted or Malformed Event
01:34:13@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorth Hey all.. im looking for a good CRM and Network management API that won't break the bank being we are a startup. I was looking into Powercode yet the $350/mo they told us minimum is not exactly justifiable for our first several months.
I'm thinking sonar being their minimum is$100/mo but I know there are other options such as visp etc...
unms on digital ocean isn't a bad deal but ucrm is limited unless we host it locally. Plus there's significantly less support with ubnt except pretty much only through forums
9 Feb 2019
01:14:11@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorthDang no recommendations?
01:15:50@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorthHow many of you in this forum are in the Facebook wisp groups?

How many of you in this forum are in the Facebook wisp groups?

What is the facebook group ?

01:40:25@konscyence:matrix.orgKonScyenceAnd no sorry, I have no idea for this
02:37:35@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorth There are several wisp focused groups.. just wondered if anybody here was on them.

Also was wondered if anybody has any feedback on CRM and automation apis.

14:04:07@intersatmn:matrix.orgUniFiNorth Stumbled across this. Idk if this could be helpful to anyone in their IP planning but figured I'd share it.
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10 Feb 2019
08:39:28@raven_reigns:matrix.orgraven_reignsfound this site of how to start a wisp got started which is very technical. https://dbiua.org/technical-details/
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11 Feb 2019
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12 Feb 2019
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13 Feb 2019
23:00:14@raven_reigns:matrix.orgraven_reignshello guys I wanna get better clarification again, does a wisp suppose to provide the router the customer will use inside too in addition to the access point?
23:01:37@grahamburger:matrix.orgGraham raven_reigns: some WISPs do, some don't. Up to you!
23:03:13@raven_reigns:matrix.orgraven_reigns Which do you recommend Graham I wanna make it less expensive to setup for my clients as well as for me too
23:07:39@grahamburger:matrix.orgGrahamReally depends on your customers and what they expect. If the providers they're switching from didn't provide a router then many of them may already have one and you won't need to provide one. A good compromise it to offer an option for customers to buy or rent a router from you.
23:09:19@raven_reigns:matrix.orgraven_reigns Thanks Graham
15 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019
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18 Feb 2019
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