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2 Sep 2019
12:31:51@apollo2020:matrix.orgapollo2020Hey blipp, thx for your answer. I've set up a structured ready to use Discord for 32 different European countries, it's all done... but there has been some security concerns (the same with Slack). Belgian climate organisations is already collaborating on it. The original idea to use Discord was due to its user friendliness. Riot seems more difficult for people who are not IT prone. The idea was then to link within discord different links to a Google Drive - style but End to End encrypted and password login tool to be able to share communication lists etc. Let's start a chatroom for the already you, me and RW and maybe the other people who want to join in. By2020WeRiseUp will probably hold a European strategy weekend meeting (first weekend in November in M√ľnchen probably) - maybe an opportunity to get together also :)
16:53:37@cAkwNLHysr:matrix.orgRW apollo2020: I'm located in Munich, so maybe we can get together in November.
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4 Sep 2019

It seems weird because I found your group just by typing "climate" in the search box, it doesn't seem that secure...

I'm curious. What is your threat model, such that that makes it seem insecure?

6 Sep 2019
21:27:39@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor House joined the room.
21:30:06@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor HouseHello everyone
21:31:46@cAkwNLHysr:matrix.orgRWHi gregoryhouse!
21:35:22@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor HouseIm participating in the september 20 and 27th events
21:41:48@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor HouseIs this a local or global group?
7 Sep 2019
11:11:27@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor HouseWhere is everybody?
8 Sep 2019
23:01:21@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor House
In reply to @gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyz
Im participating in the september 20 and 27th events
Who is participating?
9 Sep 2019
04:33:13@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor House changed their profile picture.
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04:58:53@nanooq:matrix.orgnanooqThere ll be several events in siegen
05:00:02@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor House changed their profile picture.
17 Sep 2019
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25 Sep 2019
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13 Oct 2019
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19:32:42@gregoryhouse:amorgan.xyzDoctor House changed their display name from house to Doctor House.
19:33:27@cAkwNLHysr:matrix.orgRWIt seems there is Chaos for Future now, too: https://chaos.social/@xpac/102950585548629008 :-)
19 Oct 2019
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21 Oct 2019
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23 Oct 2019
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24 Oct 2019
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13 Nov 2019
16:49:59@apollo2020:matrix.orgapollo2020Hey all, is there real talented hackers here? We need you in the movement...
16:50:38@apollo2020:matrix.orgapollo2020 * Hey all, is there real talented hackers here? We need you in the movement...
16:58:16@apollo2020:matrix.orgapollo2020Who can we contact? And how? We have someone in Munich who could get in contact for By2020WeRiseUp...

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