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6 Feb 2019
03:24:22@nathans_handle:matrix.orgnathans_handlewoot woot!
17:10:37@maxsemenchuk:matrix.orgmaxsemenchuk joined the room.
7 Feb 2019
16:17:32@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinehi max!
8 Feb 2019
18:58:49@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliThis is so good, please read XD https://medium.com/daostack/a-technical-analysis-of-the-genesis-alpha-hack-f8e34433c14b
9 Feb 2019
02:53:42@rergueta:matrix.orgrergueta joined the room.
02:56:11@rergueta:matrix.orgrerguetaHi everyone, Beth introduced me to the group. I work with Beth facilitating the Mechanism Design Group @ Starfish (not affiliated). Beth told me a little bit about what you are working and sounds very exciting. My current rabbit holes are Currently researching crypto-economics, token design/engineering and systems thinking applications in blockchain. Look forward to learning more about you.
02:56:57@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinehi rodolfo!! so glad to have you here :D
03:23:22@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliWelcome to our corner of the internet Rodolfo, happy to have you!
21:15:49@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli@channel I'd love to break the mold a bit Sunday and chat about future possibilities of Genesis and DxDAO, who's with me!?
21:15:59@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliSunday == tomorrow
22:32:14@orishim:matrix.orgorishimI’m in!
22:50:08@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJellifak yah
In reply to @dorgjelli:matrix.org
Welcome to our corner of the internet Rodolfo, happy to have you!
I hear it's the most fun corner of the internet :)
10 Feb 2019
In reply to @dorgjelli:matrix.org
@channel I'd love to break the mold a bit Sunday and chat about future possibilities of Genesis and DxDAO, who's with me!?
yes yes!
17:06:57@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliToday's "Sunday Brunch Agenda" is being worked on here, please add anything you'd like to talk about: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lit4Km5atDCnWbqeJSifk7K4pss-PfLG0b-Idagx2HE/edit#heading=h.bmvgnx4omlga
19:18:37@ontologymachine:matrix.orgontologymachinehey i’m gonna be able to log on around 11:45, talk to y’all then!
19:21:32@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelliLet’s start at 11;45 then
19:21:51@orishim:matrix.orgorishim I’ll also be joining late
19:31:10@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeirdoes this mean 15 minutes delayed?
19:31:32@orishim:matrix.orgorishimI’m on now actually
19:31:36@orishim:matrix.orgorishimAnyone else?
19:31:46@orishim:matrix.orgorishimAh didn’t see message above
19:31:54@orishim:matrix.orgorishim :45 works
19:32:15@dorgsog:matrix.orgdOrg | Asgeir👍 I am joining in 15 min
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11 Feb 2019
23:40:11@dorgjelli:matrix.orgdOrgJelli@channel dOrg will be moving off of Riot and over to Discord. Please feel free to come join us 😁 https://discord.gg/Z5R4CcS

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