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7 May 2018
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30 May 2018
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21:33:05@andrewm09:matrix.organdrewm09Hello everyone, I'm wondering if any of you have idea of what's going on with a issue i'm having with the apps that I upload... First of all, I don't have a paid developer account [iOS] and I want to distribute but when I try to download it to my device, this stuck on a "waiting"... Do I need the paid account or there's a way that I can use diawi without this enterprise profile? thanks
21:34:11@gregoriol:matrix.orgGreg Hi andrewm09
21:35:19@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregIn order to install apps on iOS devices, you have only 3 ways:
21:35:24@gregoriol:matrix.orgGreg1/ first one would be to use xcode and install the app directly, it's called side-loading and you don't need a paid Apple account for it
21:35:49@gregoriol:matrix.orgGreg2/ second one would be to sign the app for development or ad-hoc distribution, using the Apple Developer account (99$)
21:36:41@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregthis is the one where you have to list all the devices you want to install to (UDIDs must be added to the provisioning profile used for signing)
21:37:02@gregoriol:matrix.orgGreg3/ third and last one would be to sign the app for in-house distribution, using the Apple Enterprise account (299$)
21:38:30@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregthis one doesn't require device's UDID listing, apps can be installed on any device, but you must comply with Apple's Enterprise distribution rules (internal app distribution only, ...)
21:39:45@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregThe behavior you are describing (ie. stuck on waiting) is strange though, as you should get an error if the app is not appropriately signed for your device
21:41:01@andrewm09:matrix.organdrewm09So, if I need to distribute my beta app to my team, I need their UDIDs otherwise use the enterprise account, right? In both cases have a paid apple account
21:43:06@andrewm09:matrix.organdrewm09Thank you
22:21:20@andrewm09:matrix.organdrewm09 Hello again Greg , one more question, if I have the UDIDs of my other devices I can distribute with them without problem?
22:34:03@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregYou just need an Apple Developer account, then you are ready to go!
6 Jun 2018
21:41:07@tbaggett:matrix.orgtbaggett joined the room.
21:45:21@tbaggett:matrix.orgtbaggettI have questions about the feature add-on pricing. Do I ask here or how should I contact you? I see "Contact Us" in multiple places on your site's "Features and Services" page, but it isn't clickable, and no "Contact Us" page on your site. Thanks
21:51:10@gregoriol:matrix.orgGreg Hi tbaggett
21:52:49@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregHere is great! The support options are described on the Features & Services page: if you don't have an account, you may go for community chat with Gitter or here, and also Twitter; if you do have an account, there are support tickets for questions and requests
21:54:26@gregoriol:matrix.orgGregTickets are usually the best/fastest/most reliable, but Twitter DMs and both chats have more live interaction if you prefer
21:55:34@tbaggett:matrix.orgtbaggettOkay great, thanks! I have a free account set up, and I see how to create a ticket. I will proceed there.

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