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19 Jan 2020
Maybe you'd need some type of secure enclave to ensure that it never left the machine
Hmm interesting.
19:36:47@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl sorpaas may you mind checking this
19:36:49@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl https://github.com/Karbovanets/papers/blob/master/blodha.md
19:37:54@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl in the paper it states it doesnt prevent pools or botnets
19:38:00@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl but we get to one point
19:38:08@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl one is required to run a full node
19:38:56@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl for botnet's isnt anymore a 1 click mining
19:39:12@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl well unless they create a script or whatsoever, im not sure
Maybe you'd need some type of secure enclave to ensure that it never left the machine
Just thinking out loud -- if we make the private key big enough that it cannot be reasonably transferred over the Internet (but can be transferred offline), then we accomplish the goal. But I don't know how far this direction can go.
19:45:53@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl just came to my head, could we have file money like in grin?
19:46:28@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl or some feature like, I want to "emmit" 100 coins as a key
19:46:30@_discord_242032644232183808:t2bot.iosorpaas Not so familiar with that, can you explain or provide an link?
19:46:32@_discord_479766276990959656:t2bot.ioLegend yeah I forgot that you could just sweep the funds locally, no need to transfer the private key just broadcast a transfer


Not so familiar with that, can you explain or provide an link?

Not so familiar with that, can you explain or provide a link?

19:48:09@_discord_479766276990959656:t2bot.ioLegend I'm back to thinking deliberation is impossible to solve 🙂
Sending Grins
There are a number of different ways to send grins to another wallet:

Sending via File
Sending Grins via file is currently recommended for beginners. The process is as follows:

Create a transaction file:
grin-wallet send -m file -d my_grin_transaction.tx 10.25
This will create a transaction file called my_grin_transaction.tx in the current directory.

Send the transaction file to the recipient
Send this file though whatever means you like (email, ftp) to the intended recipient. The recipient will have to perform their part of the transaction in their wallet, and send the file back to you. See Receiving a transaction file below.

Finalize the transaction
The recipient will send a transaction response file back to you. After confirming with the recipient that they processed your send file, you can then finalize and post the transaction to the chain:

grin-wallet finalize -i my_grin_transaction.tx.response
This will post the transaction to the listening grin node, and the balances should confirm in both your wallet and the recipient's wallet after a few blocks have been found.
19:52:01@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl basically you can send via file
19:52:18@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl but we could do something simpler such as emitting offline keys
19:52:25@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl claimable later
20:12:26@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl like in vfcash
20:13:03@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl sorpaas https://vfcash.uk/
21:38:48@_discord_416665007863103490:t2bot.ioRaskul changed their display name from Raskul to Raskul#5486.
21:39:02@_discord_416665007863103490:t2bot.ioRaskul changed their display name from Raskul#5486 to Raskul.
20 Jan 2020
20:14:59@_discord_655847715170942986:t2bot.ioSukama freecircl i don't see how the "sending by file" approach could solve the botnet thing. can you elaborate on this? there are tons of way to transfer a file through the internet. so what's the point?
20:15:36@_discord_655847715170942986:t2bot.ioSukama sorpaas do you know grin? one of the few blockchains implementation natively written in rust.
20:16:01@_discord_242032644232183808:t2bot.iosorpaas Yeah, a little bit, but not so much about its internals.
20:19:45@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl Sukama I never claimed it protected against botnets, I asked as a feature
20:22:27@_discord_655847715170942986:t2bot.ioSukama freecircl ok, now i understood
20:25:41@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl Sukama though upon request i was thinking in several steps or "make the private key big enough that it cannot be reasonably transferred over the Internet " as sorpaas said, and reminded me of files transaction
20:26:20@_discord_630461427433340939:t2bot.iofreecircl though as im also uncertain on sorpaas thought as I find this almost impossible, at least by this terms

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