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Support room for: https://github.com/PC-Admin/PC-Admin-s-Synapse-Setup-Guide - Roadmap: 1) Update existing guide for 1.0. <done> 2) Debian 10 version. <done> 3) Dendrite guide. 4) Ansible script equivalent.44 Servers

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21 Oct 2019
12:22:49@gwhkjd19:matrix.orggwhkjd19Which version of python is best?
22 Oct 2019
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28 Oct 2019
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29 Oct 2019
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31 Oct 2019
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1 Nov 2019
17:20:46@gwhkjd19:matrix.orggwhkjd19Redacted or Malformed Event
17:25:12@travis:t2l.ioTravisR gwhkjd19: seriously, please don't cross post.
2 Nov 2019
02:08:47@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminRedacted, it's not really the topic of this room, also i have no idea tbh.
4 Nov 2019
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5 Nov 2019
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7 Nov 2019
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8 Nov 2019
18:11:55@gwhkjd19:matrix.orggwhkjd19I am executing python3 setup.py develop and the following error occurs. Installed /home/gh/myxm/synapse-1.4.1 Processing dependencies for matrix-synapse==1.4.1 error: cryptography 2.1.4 is installed but cryptography>=2.3 is required by {'pyopenssl'}
9 Nov 2019
00:41:11@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admingwhkjd19: where are you being told to run setup.py? That might be outside the scope of this guide.
06:18:24@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin* gwhkjd19: where are you being told to run setup.py? That might be outside the scope of this guide.


Requires you to have done:
python setup.py develop

The demo start.sh will start three synapse servers on ports 8080, 8081 and 8082, with host names localhost:$port. This can be easily changed to hostname:$port in start.sh if required.

To enable the servers to communicate untrusted ssl certs are used. In order to do this the servers do not check the certs
and are configured in a highly insecure way. Do not use these configuration files in production.

stop.sh will stop the synapse servers and the webclient.

clean.sh will delete the databases and log files.

To start a completely new set of servers, run:

./demo/stop.sh; ./demo/clean.sh && ./demo/start.sh

Logs and sqlitedb will be stored in demo/808{0,1,2}.{log,db}

Also note that when joining a public room on a differnt HS via "#foo:bar.net", then you are (in the current impl) joining a room with room_id "foo". This means that it won't work if your HS already has a room with that name.

06:29:31@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminI can only assist you in copying the setup in this rooms description. It's the same setup i use. Sorry.
17:58:00@gwhkjd19:matrix.orggwhkjd19Excuse me, is this the incomplete setting below?Can't the server be used? synapse.server - 238 - INFO - None - Finished setting up.
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11 Nov 2019
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15 Nov 2019
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18 Nov 2019
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