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Support room for: https://github.com/PC-Admin/PC-Admin-s-Synapse-Setup-Guide - Roadmap: 1) Update existing guide for 1.0. <done> 2) Debian 10 version. <done> 3) Dendrite guide. 4) Ansible script equivalent.53 Servers

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23 Mar 2020
01:33:06@aaron:raim.istAaron Yeah it has gotten better recently but from all the problems I see people having in #synapse:matrix.org, it isn't there yet
01:36:56@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny ColinI'm curious to know what are the most common pain points.
01:38:27@aaron:raim.istAaronUnderstanding what a server name is, what server name they should pick, and how delegation works is actually probably the #1 most common group of issues
24 Mar 2020
09:28:28@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin changed their profile picture.
22:20:46@sidechannel:matrix.orgSide Channel joined the room.
25 Mar 2020
15:27:31@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny Colin My server is up 🙂 thanks for the guide PC-Admin it definitely saved me the headache of searching and reading the whole /docs folder on the synapse repo 😉.
15:27:48@dannycolin:mozilla.orgDanny Colin * My server is up 🙂 thanks for the guide PC-Admin it definitely saved me the headache of searching and reading the whole /docs folder on the synapse repo 😉.
26 Mar 2020
00:37:44@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-AdminGlad you found it useful*
01:02:10@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin * Glad you found it useful*
27 Mar 2020
08:08:19@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.org joined the room.
08:08:52@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orghey everyone. Ive setup a synapse instance on ubuntu using the provided packages. Its all nicely running in its own container, with NGINX and LetsEncrypt in front
08:09:11@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgI've also used https://federationtester.matrix.org/ to verify that its setup properly for federation
08:10:47@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgI can connect to the instance with Riot on my phone, and I can list out all kinds of rooms... but when I try to join a room I always get this error message: https://nextcloud.apps.kjonigsen.net/index.php/s/jw7BXSyPW929mD4
08:11:20@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgAny idea what's going wrong here?
08:21:34@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgHmmm. might be a riot iOS issue, not an issue with my matrix/synapse instance
09:06:07@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgyeah. joining from another riot client, not ios, seems to have worked
09:06:12@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.orgdefinitely not a matrix-synapse issue
09:06:16@josteink:mozilla.org@josteink:mozilla.org left the room.
29 Mar 2020
17:08:22@tomas.chrastina:matrix.orgTomas Chrastina joined the room.
30 Mar 2020
20:37:35@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrant joined the room.
20:38:04@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantWould this be the right room to ask questions about hosting a matrix server on a raspberry pi?
20:40:15@aaron:raim.istAaron If you are following this specific guide (https://github.com/PC-Admin/PC-Admin-s-Synapse-Setup-Guide) yes. If you just want general help then #synapse:matrix.org is probably a better place to ask since there are more members so you might get an answer sooner.
20:42:51@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantFor some reason, that room admin keeps booting me out for "IRC Failure"? I don't know what that means. I read the intro to the guide for this room. It may get be further along than I've gotten so far. The part that won't likely be in the guide is how to expose ports and do port forwarding, but I've done that before...... I just have to remember how I did it. :D
20:43:50@travis:t2l.ioTravisRwe're (matrix.org) investigating that
20:44:14@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantOh thank you.
20:44:40@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantI was using an 'unnofficial' client on elementaryOS, but have switched to the web client.
20:46:54@travis:t2l.ioTravisRshould be able to try again in about 15-20 minutes
20:47:05@poetgrant:matrix.orgpoetgrantokay. Thank you very much.
1 Apr 2020
22:37:46@atlach:hvserv.duckdns.orgatlach joined the room.

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