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Support room for: https://github.com/PC-Admin/PC-Admin-s-Synapse-Setup-Guide - Roadmap: 1) Update existing guide for 1.0. <done> 2) Debian 10 version. <done> 3) Dendrite guide. 4) Ansible script equivalent.35 Servers

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15 Sep 2019
23:34:25@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslash pattle doesn't like it tho
23:34:49@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagier Dittoslash: dont use this account ^ for a groups with your other
23:34:55@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagieror it will federate
23:35:10@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslashwelp too late for that then
23:35:19@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierleave the chat with both
23:35:25@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierthe groupchat i mean
23:35:28@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagierdm as well
23:35:50@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslash i hadn't managed to join it with the HS one yet lol
23:36:48@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakujust don't do any federation until you have set up psql
23:36:59@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslash alright I'm gonna down that so any problems I have very definetly created don't bugger me over by the time i have time to work on that
23:37:51@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakubtw, there is an sqlite to psql port script included in synapse, but many say that it has some bugs
23:37:59@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhaku * btw, there is an sqlite to psql port script included in synapse, but many say that it has some bugs
23:38:45@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagieri recommend to just make a new one
23:39:01@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslash well at any rate I've gotta sleep now
23:39:36@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslashhalf past midnight and I gotta be up for 7:30
23:39:58@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakugl with that
23:40:21@feuermagier:matrix.orgFeuermagier 1:40 here; GNSTDLTBBB Dittoslash
23:41:18@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslash(is there an /away equivalent or do I just... turn off my phone)
23:41:35@kuhaku:nop.zonekuhakujust close the app
16 Sep 2019
00:51:16@unva1idated:perthchat.orgunva1idated left the room.
02:08:35@PC-Admin:matrix.orgPC-Admin o/\o Dittoslash sorry i've been out for a couple of days.
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
seems like the guide linked in the topic doesn't include what the server_name is, the .well-known method and also how to host on a different (sub)domain than your server_name.
correct, .well-known and SRV configuration isn't actually needed if you federate out of the standard port (8448)

if someone wanted to write a brief section on how to configure .well-known for another port, say 443 go for it, that would be very helpful
In reply to @kuhaku:nop.zone
btw, there is an sqlite to psql port script included in synapse, but many say that it has some bugs
this guide covers making a new postgres db and linking it instead of using sqlite3 (you get better performance this way)
06:42:12@dittoslash:matrix.orgDittoslashty ty, i'll get postgres setup tonight
09:28:13@PC-Admin:matrix.orgPC-Admingood luck
16:02:41@PC-Admin:perthchat.orgPC-Admin changed their profile picture.

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