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24 Mar 2018
00:58:10@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [sumo] https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-bill-becomes-law-tennessee/?utm_content=buffer819ac&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
01:39:44@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [sumo] https://steemit.com/ethereumclassic/@cseberino/ethereum-classic-recursive-length-prefix-encoding
02:46:27@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [Classic_Kevin] Damn this storm token is doing 2 B in trade vol - wtf? Never heard of it lol
02:48:54@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [DontPanicBurns] 8x its market cap. Thats..... impressive
03:27:16@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [alicaneṇ] Whats with the storm??
03:27:30@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [alicaneṇ] Taking the top 2nd volume overall
03:27:31@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [alicaneṇ] Wtf
03:48:47@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [Classic_Kevin] thats insane for a coin i learned about just now lol crazy
03:54:57@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [Ngoc] Soon the mania will be coming back and it’s December all over again
03:59:08@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] Lol, glad I bought Storm earlier this week.
04:02:14@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] Short of 1k sat. If it goes lower than 700, sell
04:04:47@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [sumo] what exchange
04:07:36@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] Binance bud
06:50:42@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [zef.] Pity you can't short it.
08:46:10@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] Question about total coin circulation ETH/ETC --> I was checking historic snapshots of coinmarket cap on Jan, 2017 both ETC and ETH had same coin circulation. however if now even after deflationary model implimentation the ETC coin circulation is significantly higher than ETH. My understanding is that after hardcap and deflationary model ETC should be more scarce then the ETH not the other way around. can anyone guide me what i am missing out. https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20170101/
08:47:27@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] @DontPanicBurns
09:21:28@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] @zef. see it holding above my stop loss 700? I think we might just see another leg up.
09:22:43@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] Even if you can short it, the risk reward is not good
09:25:10@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] artificial scarcity is not enough to push the price up for ETC. we need a strong dev team to step up and push the limits. If you are thinking about etcdev, no.. they are too busy with their 20-year long term goal, the Emerald wallet
09:26:20@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [bibboyne] even if they do have free time, they are probably busy playing politics
10:34:16@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [phyro] 2PC5RUP5 eth had problems with block time due to difficulty bomb and them not switching to PoS in time. Instead of having 14 sec block times they had 25 sec or something, hence less coins
10:43:04@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] 4WP8CP4K 47CP5NNP thanks guys for your thoughts !
10:44:29@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] at what block height diff bomb will be removed?
10:44:47@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] emarald release is expected by the end of march i guess
10:44:55@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [nautical_illusions] mobile wallet in may i guess
11:28:19@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [Ghua] 47CP5NNP 20 year long term goal Emerald wallet 😂 😂 😂 😂
11:35:59@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [DontPanicBurns] Eth never disabled the difficulty bomb so for the first half of 2017 their block times were longer and longer so the total blocks per day were less.
11:38:24@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [DontPanicBurns] Then they eventually did push the bomb back but reduced the number of eth per block because the thought that would somehow reduce hash rate and save the planet or something stupid that was counter to economics of mining.
11:39:41@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [DontPanicBurns] https://etherscan.io/chart/blocks
11:47:09@_slack_ethereumclassic_U7FK10TP1:matrix.orgoefkoekdfokseof [DontPanicBurns] Since etc had already delayed the bomb(because it was stupid in the first place) it would have been trivial for eth ti fo the same. However the traders decided that eth should produce less ether per block because the bomb was the original vision or some such nonsense. I couldn't be bothered to keep up with their ridiculous illogical conversation but you can read it all here:https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/pull/669

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