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23 Nov 2018
23:56:53@star:eunichx.usjaided★ changed their display name from jaided☆ to jaided👀.
24 Nov 2018
09:36:20@zok:matrix.orgzok joined the room.
16:41:50@star:eunichx.usjaided★ changed their display name from jaided👀 to jaided★.
25 Nov 2018
15:39:18@x0n:staubsaugertraum.dex0n joined the room.
17:52:24@ouopoji:matrix.orgouopoji joined the room.
21:56:45@x0n:staubsaugertraum.dex0n set a profile picture.
22:34:23@marek:faelix.imMarek Isalski joined the room.
22:36:43@marek:faelix.imMarek Isalski left the room.
26 Nov 2018
10:47:39@sebastian:matrix.gibberis.comsebastian joined the room.
10:48:16@leonalbers:matrix.cybernation.eu@leonalbers:matrix.cybernation.eu joined the room.
11:17:27@sebastian:matrix.gibberis.comsebastian left the room.
11:17:38@leonalbers:matrix.cybernation.eu@leonalbers:matrix.cybernation.eu left the room.
23:33:53@eisfunke:eisfunke.comNicolas Lenz joined the room.
27 Nov 2018
00:43:54@Amoghavarsha101:matrix.orgAmoghavarsha changed their display name from 813*30212 to Amoghavarsha.
00:45:20@Amoghavarsha101:matrix.orgAmoghavarsha changed their profile picture.
00:46:14@Amoghavarsha101:matrix.orgAmoghavarsha changed their profile picture.
11:06:37@sebastian:matrix.gibberis.comsebastian joined the room.
28 Nov 2018
04:02:17@sgk:matrix.orgsgk changed their profile picture.
11:16:40@vadim:vrutkovs.euvrutkovs joined the room.
29 Nov 2018
05:50:45@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis changed their profile picture.
17:53:27@cornel:matrix.otsg.chCornel joined the room.
21:48:57@treethought:matrix.org@treethought:matrix.org left the room.
30 Nov 2018
16:55:43@jfalarie:matrix.orgJFA changed their display name from JFA to JFA2.
16:56:07@jfalarie:matrix.orgJFA removed their profile picture.
16:57:58@jfalarie:matrix.orgJFA changed their display name from JFA2 to JFA.
20:18:19@wuddigel:matrix.orgwuddigel joined the room.
21:38:04@thomaslewis:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.comThomas Lewis changed their display name from Thomas Lewis to Thomas Lewis - INTP Overlord.
1 Dec 2018
05:40:03@firefox:nopl.deValen joined the room.
2 Dec 2018
00:58:43@mirko:ai.peMirko joined the room.

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