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13 Jul 2021
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI guess things either happened fast towards the end. Apparently the illustrator died 4 days before the above announcement that the manga was cancelled. And then now 3 days after that we get the news. Very odd way to deliver the news.16:16:56
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17 Jul 2021
@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI mean I get that Japan has a declining birth rate... but it sure seems to be the core plot line of A LOT of stories: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-07-14/beastars-paru-itagaki-pens-new-sanda-manga/.17512909:47:13
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@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaThough more stories by Paru Itagaki are always welcome09:48:17
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18 Jul 2021
@steiner:tchncs.desteinerok, bibliogram is friggin great and everyone should read it13:38:37
@steiner:tchncs.desteinerthanks for coming to my TED talk13:38:43
19 Jul 2021
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnthe only thing from paru that I read is beastars, and I didn't finish it15:57:24
20 Jul 2021
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnI read young gun carnival and, it's not that good, It's a seinen but I feel like the author went with a shonen plot just cause he didn't know how to progress it, the art feels somewhat off, except the girls, the girls look like boys no need to guess what feels wrong18:02:45
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnI didn't totally hate it, but it's unsurprising it got axed, or at least it reads like it was axed18:03:10
21 Jul 2021
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmndidn't know the original gundam had a manga adaptation, sadly it's not fully translated yet00:52:29
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnwait I just noticed there's an official license in english that apparently translated everything, it's weird to see there's an active scanlation despite of that00:55:54
22 Jul 2021
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnfinished zatch bell, I hate how it got 2 arcs to stretch the whole thing and then a fucking training arc16:58:28
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23 Jul 2021
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24 Jul 2021
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25 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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27 Jul 2021
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In reply to @bsdsmn:matrix.org
finished zatch bell, I hate how it got 2 arcs to stretch the whole thing and then a fucking training arc
it was not completely aired in my country
@thispc269:matrix.orgtp269so i left it but will surely restart it someday08:05:51
@thispc269:matrix.orgtp269(sorry i was discussing the anime stuff not manga)08:06:38
@thispc269:matrix.orgtp269sadly, it is too underrated08:07:16
@thispc269:matrix.orgtp269 * sadly, it is too underrated08:08:04
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