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11 Aug 2020
@anon3000:midov.planon3000that means you dropped it00:10:35
@anon3000:midov.planon3000this means you are free tonight to read a manga of my choosing00:10:42
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnnot necesarily, this is a single collection of stories00:10:51
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnI don't know if I read that one manga or read everything00:11:05
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnpretty sure I read the whole thing00:17:24
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmn anon3000: you can try send somethign my way, but I can't guarantee ill actually read it 00:19:51
@anon3000:midov.planon3000wait i think i already told you to read it00:21:36
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnlmao what a dummy00:23:15
@anon3000:midov.planon3000it took me like 2 weeks to read all 12 itty bitty chapters of dangan honey that was going to be my recommendation00:25:06
@anon3000:midov.planon3000naturally i had 0 expectations you'd read it due to the nature00:25:21
@anon3000:midov.planon3000it kept itself comfy and wholesome all the way through though00:25:55
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnmaybe later tonight, i already selected another one00:27:30
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnconsidering it has food in its name it's probably aimed at women00:27:41
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnudon no hito00:27:50
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmn * considering it has food in its name it's probably aimed at women00:27:59
@anon3000:midov.planon3000i have no idea who its target audience is00:28:29
@anon3000:midov.planon3000i think im its target audience00:28:33
@anon3000:midov.planon3000the male love interest is probably bait for the females to fawn over idk00:29:14
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnUdon no Onna - 001.jpg
Download Udon no Onna - 001.jpg
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnI'm getting josei vibes00:29:21
@anon3000:midov.planon3000oh god00:29:39
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnyeah i dont think you'll get any lolis from this manga00:30:09
@anon3000:midov.planon3000i hate looking at that cover00:30:47
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnis it because of the yellow00:31:12
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmn * is it because of the ~~cover~~ yellow00:37:14
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmn * is it because of the yellow01:19:59
12 Aug 2020
@bsdsmn:matrix.orgbsdsmnhttps://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=44993 this was an interesting read03:39:09

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