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5 May 2020
11:10:50@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaWhat you do in PM is of course not our problem :)
11:11:09@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARi understand
11:11:18@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaThank you
11:11:48@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARlately i have been noticing very chill admins
11:12:00@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARis it because the age group is growing up to higher numbers?
11:12:04@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARof age
11:13:14@the_proxster:matrix.orgProx You're prolly in small communities.
11:13:41@the_proxster:matrix.orgProxAlso it got deleted because of what Dez said. Piracy lmao.
11:14:18@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARwell the md community is chill and its big as well
11:14:29@kaftar:matrix.orgKAFTARaround 10k members last time i checked
11:19:48@the_proxster:matrix.orgProx I hardly use it. I wouldn't know.
11:29:21@-hyper-:matrix.orgHyper Yo, yo-
How's it going, peeps?
18:10:19@the_proxster:matrix.orgProx changed their display name from the_proxster to Prox.
6 May 2020
In reply to @kaftar:matrix.org
those are very layback rules
Dez tolerates my shitposting so you have nothing to worry about fren
03:19:31@fruit_salad:matrix.orgfruit_saladWhat country are you from btw? The way you talk is just too cute 🤤
03:22:00@fruit_salad:matrix.orgfruit_salad(if I may ask - I'm all for keeping that sort of info secret)
7 May 2020
20:11:17@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd) joined the room.
13 May 2020
04:42:41@superray:librem.onesuperray joined the room.
14 May 2020
21:17:36@sbindogtor:matrix.orgsus borks joined the room.
21:22:57@sbindogtor:matrix.orgsus borks changed their display name from gts8675301 to sus borks.
15 May 2020
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20 May 2020
01:29:03@ArloJamesBarnes:matrix.org@ArloJamesBarnes:matrix.org left the room.
21 May 2020
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22 May 2020
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23 May 2020
07:25:06@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaOh wow, I just stumbled on Tamen De Gushi (Their Story) again after many years. That manhau is amazing :3
07:27:31@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaI wonder if there is an official english release either digital or physical
07:31:02@Dezponia:matrix.orgDezponiaHmmm, doesn't seem like it. Really too bad as its totally amazing
15:12:18@scotsleed:ponies.imCobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd) changed their display name from Cobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (nap) to Cobra! [sco/en_SCO] {it} (gd).
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