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19 Jan 2021
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniI'm not reading any mainstream ones rn, cuz whenever I read those, I feel like, its not the right time yet to read it, I have lots of school stuff which I've skipped05:26:16
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniBut for now, I'm into psychological mnagas05:26:34
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniI was searching for Yandere ones, but couldn't find many05:26:59
@hokkaido24-cero:matrix.orgFujitorayeah same here.. 05:27:22
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniSo I'm just randomly reading Yuri manga05:27:56
@hokkaido24-cero:matrix.orgFujitorawhat's the name?05:28:28
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniI've read many, what kind do you want ?05:30:43
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniFirst one which I read was, Bloom into you (yuri I mean)05:31:17
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniSo I started searching for similar ones but didn't find any05:31:30
In reply to @voidskull24:matrix.org
I've read many, what kind do you want ?
okay. I will put it on the list
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniRedacted or Malformed Event05:31:47
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniSo after some reasearch I landed upon one05:32:13
@hokkaido24-cero:matrix.orgFujitoraRedacted or Malformed Event05:32:15
@hokkaido24-cero:matrix.orgFujitoraor MangaPlus05:32:32
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniRedacted or Malformed Event05:32:43
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniIt had a good amount of yuri manga, but I I didn't like all the collection05:33:06
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniRedacted or Malformed Event05:33:16
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniMy gawd, it's filled with that stuff05:33:24
@hokkaido24-cero:matrix.orgFujitoraI see...05:33:35
In reply to @voidskull24:matrix.org
My gawd, it's filled with that stuff
oh no.
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniIt has separate collection of one shots, doujins, series and chapters05:34:14
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniSolely for yuri05:34:25
@voidskull24:matrix.orgArni changed their display name from voidskull24 to Arni.06:22:57
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@voidskull24:matrix.orgArniHii, Have anyone tried this manga ? Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan No Kokuhaku10:29:17
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20 Jan 2021
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