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18 Sep 2020
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> 😄 14:53:09
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> https://codestats-readme.vercel.app/api/top-langs/?username=aviortheking&language_count=10&layout=compact 14:54:43
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> here is a demo of what I have actually 14:54:51
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> Nice 👍 15:26:36
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> What are the layout options? 15:27:02
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> Juste non or compact at the moment 18:17:10
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> None 18:17:12
19 Sep 2020
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> It's me again :D
IS there any way to get the colors used by the languages ?
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> I am currently using the one of Github but they are not very compatible 😦 16:01:41
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> It's me again :D
Is there any way to get the colors used by the languages ?
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> oh wait I am stupid 16:20:01
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> the colors are not fixed 19:09:10
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> they are set based on the order of the top languages for the last 2 weeks 19:09:23
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> I think in the future we should use GitHub colors (I remember they were available somewhere) so it's consistent and then use random for undetected languages, probably using some hash 19:09:59
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior>

the colors are not fixed
@Nicd Yep I looked at your profile for comparaison and the colors were the same
I use this file to get the colors and I added some others for aliases like TypeScript (JSX)

21 Sep 2020
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> Hey, it's me again :D
I have on the system more and I am ready to share it.
Here is it !
There is most options in the README
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> cool! 🆒 15:52:23
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> one request, can you add a cache so it doesn't request the :codestats: server for every readme view? or are they updated periodically? 15:52:57
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> hmm apparently there already is some cache? 15:54:19
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> Yep there is a cache that is at least 30 minutes 15:58:28
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> nice 👍 15:58:51
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> There is both server cache and client cache 15:58:55
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> 😋 15:59:07
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> that's good then 15:59:25
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> if people start really using these in the future, the server will get a bunch more load, so I'm trying to be proactive 16:00:32
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> 👍 16:01:19
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> Do the /profile-graph url endpoint has any documentation ? 16:04:18
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> there is the graphiql endpoint 16:04:35
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> /profile-graphiql 16:04:58
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Avior> 😮 nice ! 16:06:46

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