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25 Mar 2019
16:22:01@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> first of all _please_ delete that gif 😄
16:22:48@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> https://mifilter.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/censored-stamp-4-1024x632.png
16:22:56@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> the way to lessen load is to only request things from cache, i.e. totals. any "recent" data is scanned from DB
16:24:27@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> ouch, the recent view will be butchered then
16:25:22@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> don't touch it
16:25:51@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> it will become faster again when we get a new server
16:27:31@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> for now we will just have to deal with longer load times
16:31:00@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> Should we crowdfund an In-Memory-DB server? 😄
16:31:23@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> How much does deditated WAM cost nowadays
16:33:06@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> the DB is now about 10 GB
16:34:12@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> sounds like a Redis candidate!
16:35:05@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> eh, I think just SSD should make it a ton faster 😃
16:35:14@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> due to random read/write performance
26 Mar 2019
04:43:15@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> that's not nice: https://gitlab.com/code-stats/code-stats/issues/88
04:52:58@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Hermesis> 18-20 are lost somehow, others seem adequate. I registered later)
05:24:44@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> For you too?
05:24:55@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> Or is that your issue report?
05:51:13@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Hermesis> no, for me everything is in order, I registered on 21th
09:40:53@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> @Jonathan Böcker btw you could update the app logo to match the new one 😃
15:58:08@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Jonathan Böcker> Sure, I'll have time this weekend probably
18:07:50@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> There's no option to hide machines from public profile, but keep the rest?
18:09:23@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> or if it would make a gap in the UI, at least then replace the names with something like __<hidden machine name>__
18:09:30@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> or if it would make a gap in the UI, at least then replace the names with something like *<hidden machine name>*
18:15:13@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> No :(
18:16:50@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> I'd like to make the profile privacy settings per statistics type in the future
18:16:54@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> Now it's all or nothing
20:19:08@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> If we're into plans, I have a suggestion that machines could be connected into tree, so that for example one could create a group for their machine, and then separate subitems for each editor, then be able to see XP of each individual editor, and the whole machine (whole group)
20:19:29@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> Another use case for someone with that might be separating stats of work and personal
20:20:08@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> And with that maybe it'd make sense to keep keys and group separate, and allow assigning keys to multiple groups, so one could have both of those at the same time
20:20:16@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <p0358> not sure how hard it could get to implement

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