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20 Jan 2019
19:10:49@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> total XP is it possible to recreate that chart?
19:10:58@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> toal xp by day of year*
19:12:50@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> do you mean you want to put it on your own site?
19:18:27@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> yeah it feels like you get by a calculation of average xp per day?
19:18:36@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> pretty awesome
19:18:55@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> the GraphQL API can be used to get data for that graph
19:19:58@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> ok
19:20:04@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> hmmm
19:20:19@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> that API is not documented publically yet though and does not work for private users
19:20:32@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> Oh ok I see
20:15:18@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> damn I've reached a problem with my cache stuff due to the way Ecto.Multi works and don't know how to continue :/
20:18:40@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> Hmm
20:18:55@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> can you provide an example I may can help you :)
20:19:25@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> oh so in python? I guess
20:19:47@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> Elixir
20:20:03@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> Code::Stats is written in Elixir
20:20:13@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> Oh ok
20:20:41@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> never used that I checked on it looks like a simplefied language?
20:20:48@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> a mix of python and angular haha
20:21:02@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> well not really 😄
20:21:08@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> hehee Ok :D
20:23:03@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> Nicd-, I was thinking of when you do a Get request towards the API, is it any way to get the xp per language date?
20:23:36@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> this is what I get -> { "CSS": { "new_xps": 0, "xps": 2847 }, "HTML": { "new_xps": 0, "xps": 7021 }, "JSON": { "new_xps": 0, "xps": 87 }, "TypeScript": { "new_xps": 0, "xps": 8177 } } or { "2018-12-17": 2713, "2018-12-19": 4811, "2018-12-20": 2054, "2018-12-25": 836, "2018-12-26": 339, "2018-12-27": 133, "2018-12-28": 639, "2018-12-29": 327, "2018-12-30": 10, "2018-12-31": 818, "2019-01-01": 251, "2019-01-02":
20:23:37@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> 1564, "2019-01-03": 1428, "2019-01-04": 707, "2019-01-12": 331, "2019-01-13": 108, "2019-01-14": 1058, "2019-01-19": 5 }
20:24:25@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> that can be gotten from the GraphQL API
20:24:30@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> ok
20:26:23@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[discord] <Nicd> but it's pretty expensive so suggested to only request for last two weeks max
20:26:45@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> ok
20:26:56@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> Thank you for the info
20:27:03@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster[irc] <XsiSec> brb a while :)

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