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1 Jul 2020
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> at this point I thought I'd add Gravatar with the following options: 1) it's enabled only if you enable in your profile and add a separate email to use for it (of course you can type the same email), and 2) you can toggle to hide all gravatars on the site in your profile 20:43:26
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> but yeah tracking is a concern too 20:43:56
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> Gravatar has two upsides: you can choose your avatar, and they have a rating system to avoid explicit avatars (dunno how accurate though) 20:43:57
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> user-uploaded content is a problem because I don't want to do that moderation 20:44:21
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> it's a liability 20:44:30
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> didn't thought about moderation 😦 20:45:49
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> maybe you could proxy gravatar images server side to avoid tracking by them ? 20:47:16
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> hmmmm true! 20:47:51
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> don't know if they allow that though 20:47:54
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> I need to read their terms of use 20:47:56
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> 😄 20:48:30
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> looks like they feature libraries on their site that can programmatically download the images 21:11:45
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> so it should be fine I think 21:11:48
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> just need to write a good cache 21:11:55
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> hey, this also solves the email problem 21:17:14
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> since I don't need to reveal the email to the user. perfect! 21:17:24
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> though of course it could be useful to be able to set a separate email for gravatar, I will do that too 21:17:58
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> oh i though that the problem was about the gravatar side, didn't even though of the public url 21:21:09
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> that's a good one 21:21:12
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> gitlab link directly to gravatar :/ 21:25:03
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> well I think if you proxy, at some point Gravatar can say "you're using us for free without giving any revenue possibility, so we're cutting off your access" 21:26:05
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> and GitLab is big enough so they would care 😛 21:26:16
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> there is an option to upload a custom picture too 21:29:15
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <atchisson> maybe it's to ease the transition from github, since they use gravatar too 21:29:50
2 Jul 2020
@kilian:utwente.iokilian joined the room.18:47:26
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> look!
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> image is cached in ETS storage (in-memory) for an hour, so it's not constantly requested from Gravatar API
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> guess I should add telemetry to see if an hour is a good interval or too often 21:30:08
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> since user email or hash is not revealed and request is not sent directly to Gravatar, I didn't have to implement a feature to hide them 21:42:58
3 Jul 2020
@tunnelmaster:matrix.orgtunnelmaster [discord] <Nicd> upcoming changes to privacy policy (date will be changed to match obviously)

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