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16 Apr 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> I’m much more interested in running Linux on mobile devices than Android 17:01:21
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> I have two iPod touch 4g somewhere 17:01:47
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> I want to get a PinePhone to use as a portable Linux PDA 17:01:58
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> But I don’t mind using iOS daily 17:02:13
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> Too bad only one of my Android phones has an unlocked bootloader 17:02:46
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Muhammed Sabbagh> my lavender is unlocked 17:03:14
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Muhammed Sabbagh> now on Xiaomi.EU beta 17:03:26
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> My LG V20 was unlocked by...luck 17:03:47
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> My Pixel 1 used to be unlocked before I relocked the bootloader once and couldn’t unlock it again 17:04:23
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> But that phone has a dead NAND flash anyway 17:04:30
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> So it’s garbage now 17:04:33
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> I’m only saving it so I can replace the logic board 17:04:53
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> And the rest of the phones, same story, can’t be unlocked 17:05:03
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> At least I have some tablets to mess with 17:05:16
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520263044891279381/832670474995105872/Screenshot_2021-04-17_00-35-00.png 17:35:12
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> windows 10 arm on rpi 4 17:35:17
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> Last time I tried it I got horrible performance 17:35:50
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> At least it’s not Pi 3 level bad 17:36:06
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> The Pi 3 was unusable because it had 1GB RAM 17:36:16
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> runs much better than the atom z8350 though 17:36:19
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> 😛 17:36:24
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> i had the 8GB rpi4 17:36:39
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> I have the 4GB one 17:37:13
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> also it's worth mentioning that there's currently no 3D acceleration now 17:37:37
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> so it's using MSBDA to render stuffs 17:38:00
@jason123santa:matrix.orgjason123santathe rock pi x is better then the pi 4 for windows 10 17:53:40
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Flyingsky> Hello! 20:02:03
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Jason123> hi 20:59:41
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <alicela1n✨🌸> @Danct12 burning down CPU mitigations initrd=\intel-ucode.img initrd=\initramfs-linux.img cryptdevice=UUID=76788640-2629-4bba-9f37-4596fe9afd6a:cryptroot root=/dev/mapper/cryptroot rw loglevel=3 intel_iommu=on i915.enable_gvt=1 kvm.ignore_msrs=1 resume=/dev/mapper/cryptroot resume_offset=15572992 mitigations=off 22:32:12
17 Apr 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <RealDanct12> test (re danctnix_bridge_bot: [D] so it's using MSBDA to render stuffs) 07:28:53

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