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13 Nov 2019
In reply to @danctnix-bridge:matrix.org
<Tomix>: Hi, I am trying to install postmarketOS on my Redmi 4X. I just want to ask if hardware acceleration works. Does it ?
HW Acceleration does not work without libhybris
20:27:47@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: Ok
20:28:48@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: So I have to enable that in installation with pmbootstrap
21:27:56@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <SabSoft>: Hello
21:55:33@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: Hi
14 Nov 2019
15:24:46@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: So I tried to install it I selected Plasma mobile and the libhybris. I was getting some errors so I ran pmbootstrap pkgrel_bump --auto which fixed it. But now it is throwing another error: [16:04:53] (buildroot_aarch64) build aarch64/telepathy-ofono-0_git20190805-r1.apk [16:05:02] NOTE: The failed command's output is above the ^^^ line in the log file: /home/tomso/.local/var/pmbootstrap/log.txt [16:05:02] ERROR: Command failed: (buildroot_aarch64) % cd /home/pmos/build; busybox su pmos -c CARCH=aarch64 SUDO_APK='abuild-apk --no-progress' PATH=/native/usr/lib/crossdirect/aarch64:/usr/lib/ccache/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin HOME=/home/pmos abuild -D postmarketOS -d
And in pmbootstrap log: -- Checking for module 'TelepathyQt5' -- Package 'TelepathyQt5', required by 'virtual:world', not found CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:458 (message): A required package was not found Call Stack (most recent call first): /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:637 (_pkg_check_modules_internal) CMakeLists.txt:40 (pkg_check_modules)
15:25:26@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: How can I fix it?
15:26:41@asriel:kde.orgasrielIt's a postmarketOS problem upstream
15:26:51@asriel:kde.orgasrielShould be fixed soon after a MR
15:29:54@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: and how to fix it?
15:27:27@asriel:kde.orgasriel But then I would recommend you to go #main:postmarketos.org if you want to report about postmarketOS stuffs
15:31:03@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: ok so should I select another desktop enviroment?
15:31:25@asriel:kde.orgasriel^ This, or waste your CPU cycles to recompile the Telepathy QT5 module
15:31:49@asriel:kde.orgasrielThat's alternative if you're too unpatient
15:57:48@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: It built successfully now! I used pmbootstrap install --android-recovery-zip where is location of the zip?
15:58:01@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: I couldnt find it on Google
15:58:24@insep:sibnsk.netinsep pmbootstrap export
16:09:54@insep:sibnsk.netinsepand zip should be somewhere in /tmp
15 Nov 2019
03:26:17@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: @Tomix yes, you should be able to flash it in TWRP
03:27:14@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Danct12>: if there is any issues when flash (e.g. twrp fails) then it’s pretty much a part of postmarketos issue
05:59:55@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Tomix>: Ok cool I will let you know if it works
09:58:13@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: https://android.googlesource.com/device/google/fuchsia/
09:58:18@danctnix-bridge:matrix.orgdanctnix-bridge <Alula>: rip linux
09:58:45@insep:sibnsk.netinsepah shoot
09:59:06@insep:sibnsk.netinsepi actually want to see fuchsia on android
10:01:20@insep:sibnsk.netinsepor android on fuchsia
10:01:40@insep:sibnsk.netinsepnot sure which out of these variants is correct

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