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4 Apr 2020
05:35:07@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12>: Also there's no VoLTE in Vietnam so good luck testing it as a VN dev
05:35:19@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>:

in fact I used a phone that didn't support VoLTE until Verizon dropped support
@NØri-Chan 🌸 The first phone i had with VoLTE was the LG G2

05:35:30@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: I used an iPhone 5S until 2019
05:35:34@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: it has no VoLTE
05:35:47@insep:sibnsk.neti want to eat pizza huong tram flavori have no idea why people care about volte even
05:35:51@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: and it won't fuck off with software update
05:36:13@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>:

[M] insep:sibnsk.net : i have no idea why people care about volte even
@huongtram-service-bot in India no VoLTE = no calls

05:36:22@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: I think that's why
05:36:45@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: They haven't 3G/2G connections if I'm right
05:37:03@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/520263044891279381/695869522871189504/IMG_20200403_223638.jpg
05:37:13@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: rip VoLTE
05:37:26@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: I forgot what it shows if VoLTE is supported
05:37:48@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: and the iPhone 6S is IMEI blacklisted so I can't check
05:38:51@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: I have to change what I have said
05:39:11@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: you were actually able to use Verizon fine without VoLTE
05:39:15@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: until recently
05:39:18@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: sometime 2020
05:39:24@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: Only jio (biggest Indian operator) hasn't 4g
05:40:33@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: Here in Italy will take down 3G. Just 2/4/5G will remain
05:41:02@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <ScardracS>: Because 2G is still used by things like IoT and POS
05:44:13@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_>: wallpaper is overrated
05:44:17@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_>: real chads use website backgronds
05:44:18@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_>: real chads use website backgrounds (edited)
05:47:56@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: remote: Permission to mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes.git denied to 0xN0ri. fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/mbadolato/iTerm2-Color-Schemes.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403
05:48:00@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: help I forgot how to pull request
05:50:26@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <tony_tsep>: Good morning guys 🙂
05:51:04@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: @Danct12 I forgot how tf to use git lol
05:52:06@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: nvm I did it lol
05:53:05@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <NØri-Chan 🌸>: https://github.com/0xN0ri/iTerm2-Color-Schemes/tree/sakura
06:07:02@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <Su_Priv>: Does anyone actually use VoLTE unironically? (reply to @danctnix_bridge_bot)

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