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26 Jul 2021
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Electr0Lyte> * meemo (edited) 07:00:50
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> meego 07:00:55
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> going to sign into my tmo account 07:01:10
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> i also signed into my email account 07:01:32
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> works fine 07:01:35
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> high resolution screenshot instead of a camera shot
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> theme: http://maemo.org/downloads/product/Maemo5/maemo-org/ 08:18:46
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> Important question: 08:39:33
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> How could el join the server while invites are disabled? :>> 08:39:52
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Danct12> we made a link that expires within 30 minutes 08:40:13
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> :< 08:45:46
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> Make me mod, certain people need to join too. :>> 08:46:30
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> Or we make el mod and he needs to create the invite links. 08:47:59
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> Segfault too lazy 08:48:11
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Funeral> :penguinpat: 08:48:15
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <real_xyn> 09:16:22
Download file_2334.jpg
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <real_xyn> Got my surface 09:16:23
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <real_xyn> Putting Fedora on it 09:16:28
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Michael Arthur Long> Which Surface is that? 09:21:14
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <real_xyn> Pro 3 09:31:39
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> nice 13:48:08
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> putting linux on a microsoft device 13:48:35
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <XAP2P> My friend installed archlinux on surface, btw (re daviddps: putting linux on a microsoft device) 13:51:59
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> nice 14:01:28
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> wine taking so long to compile.. 14:08:12
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> im compiling because im trying to install dotnet40 with winetricks, and it doesn't work. But the tutorial uses wine-staging-git so maybe that works.. 14:09:01
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <Baschdel> 9541 15:13:51
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <daviddps> 9541 15:27:08
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <XAP2P> да (re daviddps: 9541) 15:57:16

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