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2 Jul 2020
@fritz:tchncs.defritz joined the room.19:25:36
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> ^ wear that over the backpack 19:29:57
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> tbh i just don't care lol 19:30:00
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> if it breaks, welp too bad 19:30:05
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> Yeah but I'm trading the laptop for the Note 8 so yeah 19:30:31
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> do you have an umbrella then 19:30:59
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> else how arey ou going out while it's raining 19:31:21
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> Nope, and I have to bike there 19:31:23
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> I'm biking to their house 19:31:34
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <NotKit> Redmi Note 8? 19:31:55
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> No, Galaxy Note 8 19:32:04
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <NotKit> Also isn't laptop much more useful lol 19:32:12
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> you should really get a raincoat then 19:32:15
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> or just wait 19:32:23
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> It's a 2008 MacBook 19:32:34
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <NotKit> Ah, ok 19:32:45
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> And it's been sitting in my desk doing nothing 19:32:48
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> @NotKit you should update your pfp with the new gnome terminal icon lol 19:33:49
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> hurrh urhu rdiscord hurhuruhrrh
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <_diamondburned_> discord bad. 19:36:42
Download Screenshot_2020-07-02-22-42-19-458_com.miui.weather2.jpg
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <ScardracS> Tomorrow should rain here 19:44:26
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Muhammed Sabbagh> Its taking too ong from matrix to discord 19:44:31
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <ScardracS> Finally 19:44:33
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <NotKit> that should have been Konsole 20:11:21
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [T] <dotnest> Ah 20:11:27
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Alula> @Danct12
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Alula> Everything but USB works for me 21:39:53
@danctnix-bridge:kde.orgdanctnix-bridge [D] <Alula> And it's prob just a replacement of single .rc file 21:40:18

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