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13 Sep 2022
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14 Sep 2022
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@_discord_869578504386265109:t2bot.iothetranslator#1580 I guess the update got moved up a bit? 08:11:10
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@_discord_942879456366846002:t2bot.ioTheodore32 I would love to see your workflow as I too work in the humanities 11:12:39
@_discord_718705060917411871:t2bot.ioSawhney#7320 Yep. From the looks of it.

@_discord_869578504386265109:t2bot.iothetranslator#1580 bummer, was really looking forward to it. 11:41:19
@_discord_869578504386265109:t2bot.iothetranslator#1580 interested in something specific? it's a work in progress, but I'm happy to share and exchange ideas. 11:45:52
@_discord_942879456366846002:t2bot.ioTheodore32 Yeah, specifically, books and PDF notes? organization of those notes. Do you use zettelkasten? 12:11:46
@_discord_942879456366846002:t2bot.ioTheodore32 I'm also trying to figure out a workflow for primary sources 12:12:18
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@_discord_869578504386265109:t2bot.iothetranslator#1580 Essentially my workflow revolves around my import template from Sawhneys Citation Manager plugin. I've customized it to my own needs. Basically, as I'm reading, I structure my notes according to Summary notes and Synthesis notes. Whereas the former collects information that I find interesting or useful according to predefined summary categories or questions (I write the jist down myself and then indent it with the reference), the latter collects ideas that occur to me while I'm reading and can link to other readings. The purpose of this is that I can easily recall these summaries, synthesis and individual categories and subparts in order to be able to compare them or have them at a glance. Previously I only linked [[Summary]] and [[Synthesis]], so to filter for subcategories I had to query for its plain text (i.e. query 'Methods'), but I think I'll be working with tags in the future. I don't always fill all of them out, this will depend on their importance. My Summary and Synthesis template goes something like

- Problem and purpose
- Methods
- Main findings
- Points of interest in literature review
- Useful information
- Quotes
- What evidence can I use from this study

- What connections can I make to other readings?
- What ideas has this paper generated?
- Shortcomings?

(for future the subcategories will be tagged)

As of this point my workflow has been to simply start writing with my notes on the side. I'd like to find a way in which I can use Logseq to structure my notes (not all, just the ones I want to use), but my attempts so far have kind of been chaotic and all over the place. Why? Because the time I spent organizing my notes could've been time spent actually writing. This is also the reason why I don't use Zettelkasten. I've tried it before, but I quickly realised I spent way too much time organising notes or categories - basically getting too distracted with the system itself rather than the content.
@_discord_869578504386265109:t2bot.iothetranslator#1580 The only way to integrate books into my workflow was to find a PDF version of it. Otherwise I guess I'd have to repeat the same process but without the individual references. To sum up my workflow so far goes something like this:

1. Add literature to Zotero
2. Import to Logseq via Citation Manager
3. Skim through literature and add a priority to each one
4. Start with high priority literature
5. Take summary and synthesis notes
6. Filter for needed subcategories and start writing
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