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25 Nov 2022
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@_discord_638585152351633418:t2bot.ioTansy Does anybody to a weekly review in Logseq and how do you do it? 20:11:23
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@_discord_698345460032864286:t2bot.ioLuhmann You mean a GTD workflow for your tasks. I don't necessarily do it weekly, but I have a page set up with some additional queries to highlight tasks that don't show up in the default queries on my journal page. I try to review them regularly. 22:50:20
26 Nov 2022
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@_discord_1045749088731271271:t2bot.ioAlbert26rRedacted or Malformed Event00:15:00
@_discord_712070673987797125:t2bot.ioNhan#3694 Ed Nico I see you're online? Could you kick the person right above? 00:26:52
@_discord_712070673987797125:t2bot.ioNhan#3694 I think LiquidText pricing is not that bad (https://www.liquidtext.net/pricing-features). They also offer students 00:28:34
@_discord_712070673987797125:t2bot.ioNhan#3694 * I think LiquidText pricing is not that bad (https://www.liquidtext.net/pricing-features). They also offer students' discount. But will certainly prefer Zotero (free) over Liquid Text. Liquid Text the last time I used on Windows was quite buggy. 00:29:35
@_discord_721381453958610996:t2bot.ioEd NicoRedacted or Malformed Event00:34:40
@_discord_721381453958610996:t2bot.ioEd Nico Done, thank you 00:35:38
@_discord_721381453958610996:t2bot.ioEd Nico You are right. I edited my message. For some reason I thought it was more expensive than it is 00:37:51
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27 Nov 2022
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28 Nov 2022
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@_discord_902296329940766853:t2bot.iobepolymathe Hello everyone,

The native use of Zotero with Logseq is too slow for daily use. So I try to use the citation plugin which is very useful. My only problem is access to my files (pdf). I have a machine under windows and another under linux (logseq sync for sync). If I ask Zotero to save the PDF (with Zotfile) of my articles in the "assets" folder it allows me to have the files synchronize between my two machines but when the note is created in logseq the path is broken if I open a note created under windows from linux (and vice versa).
Have you found a solution to this problem ?
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