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3 Apr 2020
14:03:31@me:danielvinci.comXylobolthey keep leaking shit through their website
16:02:35@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits) Xylobol: swift cant tco
16:04:00@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits)Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.53.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 10.53.39 PM.png
16:04:02@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits) Xylobol: it REALLY CANT TCO
16:05:02@me:danielvinci.comXylobolcan ryder tco
16:05:18@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits)he can write scheme, therefore yes
16:05:30@clearine:clearine.xyzclearinei can tco
16:06:33@clearine:clearine.xyzclearinecan you tco dan
16:09:52@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits)LANGS WITHOUT IMPLICIT RETURN CAN SUCK MY COCK RIGHT OFF
16:13:48@me:danielvinci.comXylobol Dodoid
In reply to @clearine:clearine.xyz
can you tco dan
depends if it's in the VM or precompiled
17:12:19@me:danielvinci.comXylobol aubrey multiplayer cities skylines would be dank
18:06:21@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits)
In reply to @me:danielvinci.com
aubrey multiplayer cities skylines would be dank
isnt this just openttd multiplayer
19:38:19@me:danielvinci.comXylobolleet o clock
19:39:44@_discord_177939404243992578:danielvinci.comis a 🍩 an instrument? https://twitch.tv/gpg5 Streaming a wind waker rando 👀
20:57:37@me:danielvinci.comXylobolwhy did Microsoft second day a $15 Bluetooth mouse to me
20:57:40@me:danielvinci.comXylobol Dodoid
20:58:02@dodoid:dodoid.comDodoids o u r i s
21:56:40@bitmapper:matrix.org(map #'er bits) Xylobol: dude. openttd has a built in mod installer with so many mods its lagging my computer
4 Apr 2020
04:58:16@me:danielvinci.comXylobol is a 🍩 an instrument? JadeTheCat Dodoid they're shutting down the mall and metroride
04:58:24@me:danielvinci.comXylobolshit just got real
04:58:45@_discord_177939404243992578:danielvinci.comis a 🍩 an instrument? huh
04:59:11@me:danielvinci.comXylobolthey're just flat out shutting them down
04:59:31@me:danielvinci.comXylobolalso, you're now supposed to board buses and trains from the back, fares aren't being checked anymore
04:59:52@_discord_177939404243992578:danielvinci.comis a 🍩 an instrument? wow

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