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22 Mar 2020
05:38:35@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHello. How are you doing?
05:39:08@eldurian:matrix.orgeldurianPretty good I was just talking to Huntingpro in-game about joining.
07:32:53@eldurian:matrix.orgeldurianSo to introduce myself I'm a low level hunter. I'm thinking about getting into that magicy style of combat but for now I'm just using whatever weapons/ammo I can get my hands on cheapest. And I'm willing to sell practically everything I loot with the exception of the universal ammo at whatever cost will get it moved. Currently based out of Celeste Quarry in Arkadia but I'm down to move anywhere with good low level hunting and mining if there if there is a resaler willing to work with me there.
23 Mar 2020
02:42:27@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireWelcome to the society Eldurian.
02:42:51@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireI am sure you will like our soicety.
02:43:04@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHello everyone. How are you all doing?
02:43:09@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireAnything new going on?
02:49:17@gopaal:matrix.orggopaal joined the room.
02:56:17@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireWelcome to the chat Gopaal.
03:14:09@gopaal:matrix.orggopaalThanks, is this Huntingpro?
09:42:28@w.artemis.k:matrix.orgw.artemis.k joined the room.
25 Mar 2020
06:36:23@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHello everyone.
06:36:26@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHow are you all doing?
17:47:29@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempirechanged room power levels.
20:08:43@demeter:matrix.orgdemeter Hello, well better late than never. I'm doing fine, managed to go through another day without hitting stupid people 🤣
26 Mar 2020
02:22:59@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHello everyone.
02:23:03@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHow are you all doing?
17:47:38@minibradders132:matrix.orgminibradders132 joined the room.
17:48:20@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireWelcome to the riot.im society chat minibradders132.
23:12:10@eldurian:matrix.orgeldurian vieraempire: Test
23:12:23@eldurian:matrix.orgeldurianIs there a way to PM you instead of tagging you?
23:15:28@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireRight click on my name, and click message.
27 Mar 2020
15:14:40@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHello everyone.
15:14:44@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireHow are you all doing?
15:14:57@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireIs anyone here interested in making money from Old School Runescape?
29 Mar 2020
23:27:18@joffab:matrix.orgjoffab joined the room.
30 Mar 2020
01:02:11@vieraempire:matrix.orgvieraempireWelcome to the society Riot.im channel Joffab.

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